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CCH Board Meeting August 2016

August 2, 2016

CCH  AUGUST  2016  Board Meeting  run by TR  Reid

Senna  lawyer   cat cafe  

Norm  hagland – Denver District  judge retired





2111 Champa Street,

Second Floor Conference Room

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Call in info: 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596


4:00 – 4:05 I.     Approval of July Minutes


4:05 – 4:15           II.     Executive Committee Report – Jay


4:30 – 4:45          III.     Finance Report – Virginia  

  • June 2016 Financials
  • Audit Selection


4:45 – 4:55           IV.     Program Committee Report – Charles

4:55 – 5:05            V.     Resource Development Report – Jynx


5:05 – 5:15           VI.    Consumer Advisory Board Report – Tanger Jones (TJ)  


5:10 – 5:20          VII. President’s Report – John


5:20 – 5:30         VIII.   Renaissance Housing Development Corp. Report – John


5:30– 5:45            IX. Advocacy Report – Cathy

  • Denver Affordable Housing Proposal
  • Tobacco Tax Initiative


5:15                        X. Other Business


REMINDER:   Starting September, the Board meetings will be held on the 1st Thursday of the month – September 1, 2016


Chair: Jay Brown


Recorder: Tristzette Morton


Present: Chris Bates, Virginia Berkeley, Jennifer Bettridge, Jay Brown, James Davis, Laray Kraeplin, Randle Loeb, Jynx Messacar, *Leanne Wheeler, T.R. Reid, Tanger Jones


Absent: Peter Calamari, Jeremy Hotsenpiller, Meshach Rhoades, TaRhonda Thomas, Jim Winston,


Staff Attending: Cathy Alderman, Louise Boris, Stan Eilert, Meg Mullen, John Parvensky, Pete Stoller, Mandy May


* Via conference call

Meeting brought to order at 4:10 PM AGENDA ITEMS:


  • Approval of Minutes


Minutes from the May 3, 2015 meeting were reviewed.  Randle Loeb motioned to accept the minutes.  It was seconded by Jennifer Bettridge. All were in favor; motion carried.


  • Executive Committee Report – Jay Brown


Board and Officer Elections

Randle motioned to accept the nomination of Sana Hamelin and Hon. Norman Haglund as members of the Board of Directors.  It was seconded by Jennifer. All were in favor; motion carried.    


Jay Brown motioned to approve the appointment of Virginia Berkeley as board Treasurer and Jennifer Bettridge as board Secretary.  It was seconded by Randle. All were in favor; motion carried.


When asked by Leanne Wheeler, Jay explained that the terms of Board membership is three years and that Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) Bylaws limits Board members to twenty-one.  Currently, there are nineteen with expected resignations of two, bringing members to seventeen.  


Jay motioned to delegate authority to the Finance and Audit Committee from the Board of Directors the final approval of the selection of auditors. It was seconded by Randle. All were in favor; motion carried.


At the last meeting it was decided that the Board would meet the second Tuesday of the month but after further discussions, Jay would like to amend the meeting day to the first Thursday of the month beginning in September.  Jay will send out a notice to the Board of Director’s distribution list to ensure those not present today will have an opportunity to give feedback on the change.   


Governance Discussion

Jay gave a brief review of the CCH governance and requested the Board also review to identify items that should be added to the bylaws.


CCH Bylaws

Jay motioned to convene an ad hoc committee to review CCH’s governance and give feedback to the Board of Directors’ to consider adopting into CCH Bylaws. It was seconded by Virginia. All were in favor, motion carried. Those identified and appointed by the Chair to the ad hoc committee include Jennifer Bettridge, James Davis, TR Reid, Randle Loeb, Leanne Wheeler and John Parvensky.    


Board Orientation and Training

John inquired if the group felt a Board Orientation was needed.  In lieu of an orientation, Jay suggests a CCH Program presentation at the next meeting to benefit new members.  John suggests presenting the one hour presentation given to new hires adding a financial overview and how CCH is different from other community programs that serve the same population.          


  • Finance Report – Virginia Berkeley and Pete Stoller


(Refer to Finance Committee handouts for details.)

Virginia gave a recap of what was reviewed at the committee meeting.  (Refer to Finance Committee minutes for details.)

May Financial Statements

The April Financial Statements were reviewed. Increase in Net Assets for five months ended May 31, 2016 was $759,538 as compared to a budgeted gain of $84,474.  Medicaid/care revenue was $4.7M through May, under budget by ($312K).  

Contribution revenue is $467K through May, over budget by $33K.  

Realized gain of $420k from the sale of Garfield property in March.

Recognition of $400k+ SIB revenue through April for Jan-Jun program services

The balance on the line of credit as of May increased to $850,000,000 as funds are being moved to/from LOC as needed.  

Among the discussions was the Cost of Living Increase (COLA) Proposal from John Parvensky.  

John reviewed the proposal for staff cost of living increase. It was recommended that staff who earn $40,000 or less receive a 4% increase. The remaining staff would receive an increase of 3%.   The adjustment would be effective July 1st and reflected on the July 15th payroll.   

There was some discussion regarding why there are two different amounts being considered which included the impact of the upcoming changes to the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA).  

After discussion, Virginia Berkeley motioned to accept the proposal of a 4 percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to staff whose wages are at or less than $40,000 annually and adjust the wages of those at $40,001 and above by 3 percent.  It was seconded by James Davis.  All were in favor; motion carried.    

Jay wanted it reflected in the minutes that there has been favorable discussion amongst the Board members around introducing a Merit increase for staff and suggest that is does not have to be in lieu of the COLA but in addition to boost morale and retention. At this present time CCH does not have the tools or capacity, but will look into developing a system in the near future.      

James Davis wanted to know if other nonprofits in the Community were giving staff Merit increases as well as Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA).  James was told that customarily, Merit increase are given along with COLA and acknowledged the increase rate currently seems to be at 2.7%.


  • Program Committee Report – Mandy May


(Refer to Program Committee minutes for details.)

Mandy May reported on the last Program Committee meeting at which the Uniform Data System (UDS) outcome measures report required by HRSA was presented. The detailed report consists of 12 tables that provide a snapshot of patient demographics and performance outcomes.

  • Patients served; table 3A, 3B, 4 and Zip
  • Types and quantities of services provided; table 5 and 6A
  • Staffing mix and tenure; table 5 and 5A
  • The care delivered/quality of care; tables 6A, 6B, and 7
  • Cost of providing services; table 8A
  • Revenue sources; table 9D and 9E

The Committee also discussed the Denver SWEEP of homeless campers and how it has impacted consumers’ health outcomes and the Outreach staffs’ capacity to track clients.


  • Resource Development Report – Jynx Messenger


(Refer to Resource Development handout for details.)

Jynx gave an update on the overall success of Sip City and reported the live auction contributed approximately $6,400 towards the total raised. Of the 220 attendees, it is believed that half of those in attendance were new to CCH.   Meg Mullen gave a special “Thank You” to those members who attended Sip City and for helping to educate the guests.  Meg also reminded the board that funders look to see that an organization has 100% donation participation from its Board members, and encouraged members to consider giving early.   

Meg reported the advocacy-related appeal broadcast on March 11 to approximately 4,000 donors generated about $4000.  It was also reported that the New Development Officer position has been filled as of 6/27 by John Mezger. With the vacancy filled, donor cultivation and major gifts development will become more active.  

The 5K Race organizers have their first meeting scheduled Nov. 5th; those interested in participating should contact Jynx.


  • Consumer Advisory Board Report – TJ Jones  


(Refer to CAB minutes for details.)

Tanger Jones (TJ) recapped her attendance at the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC) Conference in Portland, OR.  TJ also gave a report from the last CAB meeting that included plans to host a shoe drive around the same time as the Healthy Kids Fair.  


  • President’s Report – John Parvensky


Social Impact Bond (SIB)

The Social Impact Bond (SIB) program continues to progress well; 38 participants housed between North Colorado Station (NCS) and scattered sites.  John reported there has been 8 fewer than projected for June largely due to difficulties in the referral process.   He also reported the team is fully staffed and it is believed that the program will be at a 65% participation rate by the end of October.  

John probed to see if members wanted to be updated on the SIB project as it progressed or if a report at Board meetings would be sufficient.  There was a consensus that a report would suffice.      

FLSA Changes on Exempt Employees

There was a detailed discussion regarding the changes to the Fair Labor Standards ACT (FLSA) effective December, 2016.  John explained that there will be some financial as well as administrative impact when this occurs.

Organizational Development Workgroup Update

John reported that recommendation presentations from each Workgroup to the Expanded Executive team have been completed.  Review of initial recommendations will occur over the following weeks, with a goal to have a formal response during the All Staff Retreat in September.  John invited the Board to attend; September 14th at the Grand Hyatt Downtown Denver.  


  • Renaissance Housing Development Corp Report – John Parvensky


Downtown Lofts Update (RDL)

The financials for the Renaissance Downtown Lofts were reviewed. John reported the closing is scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  John stated the financing was a more difficult process with our new lending partners.  John noted that all the permits have been received and demolition is completed.  


  • Board Executive Session


John’s 2016 Performance Evaluation was reviewed by the Board and compensation approved.  


  • Other Business


Randle wanted to make the Board aware of an incident that occurred on the 16th Street Mall over the weekend. A man, who appeared to be a member of the homeless community, acted violently and struck two people with an object. Randle stated that the Police statement noted that the business community “can’t put up with this” and is very upset by it.  Randle has requested this incident be noted in the minutes and he granted 15 minutes at the September meeting to present to the Board as he wishes the Board to see both sides of the homeless issues.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:45PM by Jay Brown. The next CCH Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for August 2nd, 2016 at 2111 Champa St, 2nd FLR Conference Room.  PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN VENUE.


Respectfully submitted,


Jennifer Bettridge


2016 Meeting Schedule


Board of Directors



Effective September, 2016 Board of Directors Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of every month from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 2111 Champa ST, 2nd FLR Conference Room. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.  

September 1, 2016

October 6, 2016

November 3, 2016

December 1, 2016


Starting in September, the Finance Committee will meet separately from the Board of Directors as follows: (Meeting location to be determined.)


September 6, 2016

November 1, 2016 (budget discussion)

December 6, 2016 (budget progress discussion)

January 3, 2017 (budget recommendation to board)

March 7, 2017

April 4, 2017 (meet with auditors & review 2016)

June 6, 2017

September 5, 2017

November 7, 2017 (budget discussion)

December 5, 2017 (budget progress discussion)


Tuesday, August 2nd at 2111 Champa St, 2nd FLR Conference room at 4PM.


We will begin our new schedule of meeting the  1st Thursday of the month beginning September 1, 2016. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.  (Revised 2016 schedule attached.)


As a reminder, the Finance Committee will meet separate from the Board, beginning September 6, 2016; location to be announced soon. 


For your convenience, the call in number for the Board meetings is 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596.


Please RSVP your attendance as a light snack will be provided at the Board of Director’s meeting. 


Happy Friday eve, and have wonderful weekend!





Tristzette Morton

Executive Assistant to John Parvensky

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

(303) 312-9596 (office)

(303) 293-2309 (fax)


Financial Report by  Pete Stoller   Medicaid budget is under budget by 300K


Meg reports it differently  over budget  100K  on target with the SIB project


Closed on Northern Trust Fund:  Notes Payable category   –   pulled back 700K stopped everything  pulled down a lot more in line of credit.  we paid back  half of the line of credit  more than a million dollars.


good spot paying the wage increase.


grant revenue   generally accepted profits  multi year grants  2 year grants Colorado Health Foundation 200K  Denver Foundation for another 200K


half for expenses in 2017  –  already dedicated for next year


closing Downtown Lofts project  re-earned 250K   in JULY  


Colorado Division of Housing receiving funding from City and County of Denver  well under way  moving dirt.  ground breaking  already  Mayor wants to be there  don’t want to give him a platform for his strategic plans


get back on board   he likes the SIB.    partners but we can disagree  trying to convince him of this  really  Major really cared about homeless.  takes all of their goods and they move three or few blocks away


he has not prioritized the real solutions  counter tactics  real pressure from business community




particular major is incorrigible  Albus and Hancock  


anything but critical  personae  that he has to say that


DKD   transfer to new auditors


Medicaid  short  but we have a way to work together to be fully funded


 Yosemite  will be on the market


we were owed a lot of money last year  payment of receivables is much closer to 100%


1 MILLION  pay it off and then use it again for payroll  lower the debt line 400K

hourly rate  from receiving a salary


Obama increase of salary to meet minimum  rate of pay  raising salaries $7,000.00


Louise  Boris:  Mandy  information to the program committee


Resource Development:  JP  JYNX Not present nor Jay  ahead of schedule  62% of goal.


foundation grants have lined up 600K  Sip City almost reached their goal  sponsors for the 5K  run in November


# of foundation   possibilities  major gifts officer  new person and second person Meg is recruiting for a second person


really good #’s   180K   major fund raising kudos   


Joe Dokes  5K  Run     


TR Reid  5 K  Run


100% of board members contribute  Meg will contact new members of the board


CAB  People are not here:  Shalonie   Shoe drive  August  environmental   Dr. Cookson has been invited to the next meeting


Healthy  Kids Fair   next meeting of the 250  children  to health center  on August 20.


great opportunity  back pack full of school supplies  fun event for their rotations  9 am  to afternoon    many volunteers multiple exams  eye and general  health


half hour  pick on their own  they are excited by the color of their packs


federal labor standard act  Department of Labor  changes exempt status  multiple classifications exempt from paying over time.  earn at least 23,000   150  employees  move them to hourly status.  We thought we’d pay them  hourly  salaried  non exempt.   MANAGERIAL or PROFESSIONAL POSITION  earn at least  23,000  now 47K  level has not been raised in 2 decades.



fixed salary  directors and managers not working excessive over time hours  more staff hire more people at base salary.


bi-monthly payroll


hourly people have to turn in a time sheet  week ahead of time


Policies and Procedures  manage excess.  work under 40 hours  exempt  moving from exempt to hourly base salary


concerned about people putting in extra hours


authorize this and making an adjustment.  legal jeopardy  


  1. HOURLY  part time






creating a precedent  we are working with a precedent  adjustment for people who work over time


8  to 9  million $  annually to Metro Denver Homeless Initiative

they announced them to make the announcements  earlier

Notice of Funding Availability  chronic homeless  1 gerant was not renewed because it focused on families


93%  tier one 


tier two  has more risk of being turned down


we moved people from    one funding source to another


we cannot hold the programs in rural areas.


Kresgee  struggling meeting the lease up housing


somewhat difficult some people are saying that they do not wish housing at this time


45 people have been housed gaol has been 52  people by this point


free up housing vouchers scattered site housing home vouchers  or new site


Matt works with the landlords we need approval from   Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative


open mostly  with people to move in getting all documentation in place


doubling efforts to find this housing


people who had been jailed previously  sleeping at confluence  Park finding them has been difficult


SIB   supportive  orientation for lease up for  landlord  Crime Control Prevention Control Commission  logistical way that the process is set up


acceptable to landlords  psychotic at the moment


sweeps they are moved on and they are a lot more difficult to locate


afraid to leave their friends on the street


cannot speed up the process  Xcel is Century Link and Comcast are moving ahead


daily  nightly  couple times nightly


take all of their goods     kept for 30 days  and then destroyed  ID their objects


HUD  criminalizing homeless is counter productive  National Alliance to End Homelessness  work with federal partners


LONDON  Wall Street Journal  using Denver with the story  Cathy  March  Sweep  near the shelters  visible sweeps.


Blow back  Human Services  not everyone has been camping 































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