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Program Committee Board of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless August 2016 DENTAL SERVICES

August 11, 2016

Program Committee Colorado Coalition for the Homeless August 2016

Elayne will not be joining us but Barbara, Evan, Leland, Randle and Charles are planning to attend; any other takers or regrets?


The Dental team will present to the committee.


Dental clinic 6 chairs 1 for hygiene services  8 chairs at Stout Street  14 chairs altogether.   brand new room in yellow suite  full service hygiene chair    2005  1 dentist  1 assitant  years progressed  added staff  remodeled in 2009  adults and children are seen.  partials and dentures regularly routine care and root canals,  dental  pain alleviate pain   outcomes are superb.  medicaid will expand what they pay for dental care fillings  cleanings  dentures  crowns partials,  everyone who has insurance has services  –  stout street opened in timely manner vacuum systems      23 employees  for dental care  management to front desk   8 dentists  3 full time  1 full time downstairs     same day treatment  medical  suite triaged downstairs  timely  immediately   we adjust our services for TRAUMA CARE  dedicated pediatric room  grown tremendously    dental clinic  goal to have 14 chairs at all time  


aspire to really high outcomes


15 years ago  all of this happened


1 K  limit on what Dental care is covered by MEDICAID   separate pool for the dentures and EMERGENCY TREATMENT

work with laboratory  for 15 years deep discount for clients at Stout Street


WE HAVE A VOLUNTEER DENTIST  –  very flexible  top level of care that exists




offered special services  for tooth pain integrated health care concerns  liaison  for emergency visit

Charles is present    Louise  VP  and then  Dr. Russell Poole,  Dr.  Kyle Van Vurren and   Jessie TABUYO and Dr Carol Nifaratos    they also have preceptors

training students  and help the community  more and they understand more about public health  advances scope and care of patients


University of Colorado  Dental Dr. Joanne Holland  in 2007  started with students

top requested school of dentistry  people who are in their early 20’s  giving accolades of their experience in their 4th year  they are advanced


graduating in MAY


oral surgery every oral service that is possible

anything like rewiring a jaw close relationship with Denver Health carre same day


Dr. speaking improved perridental work  regular recall for diabetics

improved health outcomes for children better attendance at school and better quality of life


they see all patients who are children at Stout Street


Jessie  out reach  healthy kids fair  dental screening to 200+ children annually


work with the Gathering Place  at annual care  


see in the Stout Street Center  track through the electronic records


60%     at this moment they wish to increase health care services


dental provider  chosen  there are those who go to the Veteran’s Administration


purchased  AZARRA  disease registry  will pull information in the health record  A1 C level for all patients


dental records are not integrated  in place NOW  trained up  


how to use the registry for any question  time frame is in the immediate future


SUNSHINE ROOM  Allison hygiene assistant


one package for all medical services at Stout Street

Healthy Kids Fair  in August  20 at Health Center


community out reach  undocumented  people  free services


DOES NOT TURN ANYONE AWAY  we eliminate the barriers

community outreach is a big part of the care of people who have nothing and restore their base care


3 years ago  dental home  Dr. Nifaratos  not quickly  vulnerability  


recall system private care provider  track referrals referrals for biopsies


sealant measure  how many 7 year olds sealants evidence based treatment  on molars


500 encounters of children for a year


basic fundamental  services  quality metrics are indicated


Delta  Dental  15  dashboard quality measurements  all health care


request these records  make a grant for software and skills for management of data

expand the provider office in CHAMPA    knock out the second floor and make a second story


contamination and sterilization  controls  barrier devices OSHA updates for safety


care with confidence  care is superb

part of the budgeting process 2017  asked for departments to put forward all of their asks throughout the Coalition


14,000  visits for each year increase of patients  last year it was 10,000  visits  7,000  unique patients


2017  how many I am supposed to add is X ___


Nobody  requests pay for services UNIQUE place for these services



X  Tristzette Morton <>,
X  Barbara Davis <>,
X  Chris Taravella <>,
X  Evan Abbott <>,
Jay Brown <>,
X  Keith Smith <>,
Komal Vaidya <>,
LaRay Kraeplin <>,
Leanne Wheeler <>,
X  Randle Loeb <>,
X  Sana Hamelin <>,
Toren Mushovic <>,
Virginia Berkeley <>,
“” <>,
X  Leland Hansen <>,
Mandy May <>


Your reminder for CCH Board of Directors Program Committee Meeting
Good morning ALL, Just a friendly reminder that there will be a BOD Program Committee meeting this next Thursday at 11:30 AM; 2111 Champa ST, 2nd FLR Conference Room. Please response with regrets as well as attendance. Thank you for your time!! Tristzette
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
2111 Champa St, 2nd FLR Conference Room








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