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Encampments and the “Right to Rest”

August 13, 2016

On Homeless Encampments and “Right to Rest”
There has always been a tension between those who would be left alone and want the government out of their affairs and living in a major metropolitan area where there are rights and privileges of being a neighbor in a community.  No one can accept people lounging around trashing out the downtown vicinity.  Many people who have been outside and fending for themselves cleaned up and had a small if not invisible footprint.
The camping ban is not and never was the issue. The issue is the infrastructure, investing as you said in the quality of life of people the right to have a place to live. It is not the idea that everyone who does not fit in and wishes to sleep outside has a right to stay wherever they wish, but that everyone has a responsibility to have a place that they take care of and share in the community the responsibility of being here. We are born here and we have to take being a citizen seriously. I disagree with the Federal Government’s decree. But each community also has a responsibility to care for everyone and ensure that we’re all safe and sound.
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