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Gertrude Netter Kauders – August 14 Nee “Nana”

August 14, 2016


My grandmother, Gertrude Netter Kauders, was born in Philadelphia, Pa. on this day 120 years ago. This is also the anniversary of V-J day — Aug. 14, 1945. That would have been my grandmother’s 50th birthday. I have a ring that she was given on that day, with her initials and the date engraved inside. My grandmother was very good to me and loved me a lot, which made what was, in many ways, a difficult and harsh childhood bearable. She held me on her lap and wrote stories for me, which I still have in the black-and-white, cardboard bound school composition book in which she wrote them. In the front of the book, she wrote,

“Dedicated to my darling granddaughter, Terese Loeb, from her Nana. September 1951.”

Happy Birthday, Nana. I still think of you and I still love you.


My Mother’s Mother:  wife of Herman Randle Kauders a physician in Germantown Hospital and Dispensary.  I worked as a Boy in Grey at the hospital when I was 15 years old.  Puggy used to treat me for all ailments. He was a mensch adored by his devoted wife “Gurtie,” who he used to call and madden.    They were love birds  interconnected through all adversity and harmony.  Played golf and bridge in Miami at the Fountainbleau Hotel  every winter.  They were one of a kind as couple.  Gracefully Herman relinquished his faculties and his practice, within a year of the death of her beloved husband she had a massive stroke.  For 7 years his wife, Gertrude  languished in a nursing home.   She recognized and held and kissed my eldest daughter Luz when I returned from Puerto Rico in 1978.  She was able to go out in her wheel chair on walks and she wrote her last epiphany to my family on the occasion of the birth of Luz.  Te echo menos tambien.  I also miss her.  She was a remarkable woman.


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