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CAB Community Action Board Community Action Agency CAA – AUGUST 2016

August 16, 2016

CAB Community Action Board Community Action Agency CAA  –  AUGUST 2016  talking about Trauma CARE  – Dr. Cookson,  Director of Psychiatry  Stout Street Health Center  –  former physician  treating me  for  nearly 15 years @ Denver Health and through thick and thin  very thin  as it is and ever was.

Sarah Lightfoot
Administrative and Grants Associate
Stout Street Health Center
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Office: 303.312.9582
Tanger Jones <>,
Randle Loeb <>,
Lori Malone <>,
Vittoria D Whitsett <>,
Michael Barge <>,
LaRay Kraeplin <>,
“” <>


September meeting will be at Mary Lea Forington’s home in South Denver


People who are here:  Laray Kreaplin, Rocco  Smaldone, Gayle, Tanger Jones,  Vittoria Whittset,  

Sarah Lightfoot   –  staff  Elizabeth Cookson  Director of Psychiatry Stout Street Health Center,  Marylea Forington,

Erin Buckley with Enterprise:   financing for affordable housing  case studies annually  how are people benefitting from our investments  interviewing people  write 12 page paper impact of developments   –   Dr. Cookson 13.5 years  directs services throughout the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless  PA in Psychiatry  assessments  follow up   fair amount of other programs of integrated services,  family  support  – Lisa Thompson IMPACT BONDS HOUSING FIRST TEAMS


2015  – 2016  1,350  people  psychiatric intervention   many once many in consultation  long term treatment.

clients seen within the medical services  no only people who are in medical treatment  integrated health care.  benefit of integrated health care on blood pressure, what to do in real time, Behavioral health care. 


ONLY SEEING A PERSON ONCE  –  they may be seeing someone who goes to other places.  NEXT WEEK WE WILL HAVE A NEW STAFF MEMBER WHO WE TRACK A PERSON  WHO WE SEE OFTEN  more than 3 times.  


benefit but they offer motivational interviewing  choices     what do you want to have as a treatment modality  –  


People are treated wherever it is possible  we are open to different outcomes.


How successful are you in accomplishing this?  field is not very good in having credible metrics.    We have depression rating Scales  the DUK   general mental health care.  


Quarterly peer review analysis


Trying to blur those boundaries


Board certified  SHE IS THE BEST and fortunately I know.


How long does it take to determine if a person is compatible with your specific treatment   what is the time frame. PEOPLE will do alright with the person who they are assigned to 


it is easy to reassign people who receive services.


TRAUMA CARE:  often repeatedly traumatized medical system is trauma 

Environmental scan  Linda McCray  lines crowds AND PERSONNEL  safety officers  



TRAUMA SPECIFIC TREATMENT:  therapists and psychiatric staff trauma disorders medications there is not much that is effective



neurontin   diabetic neurotrophic  contraband in correctional field


trauma groups  seeking safety  – how people can use coping skills to feel safe


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  DBT  tell me about your trauma we do not do this it is ineffective as an intervention


cannot make use of their trauma care coming once weekly to a group


survival mode:  How does one become a member of the trauma care Safety GROUP


15  pages of paper run out the door 


how do we make primary care physicians to remain here


not having to wait at all.


tension between making appointments ahead of time and still waiting   –  


not medically safe to be cared for here and then you go into another system how do we see the most efficient way  treating them as being able





Colorado Access Care Coordination:  difficult connections need a hand to go from one place to another patient navigator  people who have access through medicare and medicaid


relationship  getting the care that they need.  I don’t like going to the Doctor.



critical that it is clear step by step  help going through and being discharged   advantage  


eye clinic follows this navigating people straight through  from beginning to end 

discreet outcomes that exist for eyes and teeth


electronic time keeping they work when and where they have to deal with their care.


Peer navigators  upstairs  


people realize that we have no competition   1 million dollars @ TO STAFF A SUITE


medicaid expansion  patients have access to much better care they can see specialists people will live longer and have better quality of life






sunday times  ARTICLE ON trauma care  August issue first 


special initiatives from Urban Peak  difficult to serve  young  do not want to have help  substance use 




issue with stats like this   intrinsic to human condition and not pathological  experiences of trauma and being traumatized  needs some specialized care to get better  early intervention is where the issue is.  trajectory is reversible  people were in bad straits are doing better.



Kate to do a presentation from Data central on Environmental Scan


Tuesday  September  20   at Mary Lea’s home  @  11:30  am  





303   312 9174  Dr. Cookson



ERIN  sharing stories   


all day tomorrow  lining up people with whom to speak.   11 am to 2 pm


anybody who has been impacted by STOUT STREET  HEALTH CARE  SYSTEM



name thrown in a hat by Petra  by a therapist here  she lives at Renaissance 88  mother of  2  case worker in Adams County


lost work  son baby  Augusta, Ga.  her daughter   –  disabled?  


wrote a letter of recommendation  for Thornton 88


head psychologist of counseling center at Quigg Newton  Family Service Center


back to the 90’s  fifth issue of the VOICE couch surfing  


individual conflicts –  what does a person do if they are homeless for a long time?


feedback  set responsibilities  what are we supposed to accomplish  goals set by the CAB  to make a difference.


other projects that we have worked on   Soup for the Soul  City Park  what?  Too bad  Steve Shankland isn’t here.


Erin just flew here   today Tuesday.  SON goes back to school August 24.  He is playing football.


playing for the Boys and Girls Club  this year.  11 recruited for music 


finished her book 5.5 years Scrambling Mind   coming out    



























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