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September 1, 2016


X – Virginia Berkeley, Darrell Brown, X – James Davis, Norman Haglund, Sana Hamlin,
X – T.R. Reid  X – Jynx Messacar X – Jay Brown X –  Jennifer Bettridge, X  –  Charles
Chris Bates,  Tanger Jones, Laray Kraeplin,  Leanne Wheeler, TaRhonda Thomas, 
Staff Attending: X – Cathy Alderman on phone , X – Louise Boris, Stan Eilert, X – John Parvensky, X – Pete Stoller,  X – MEG 
 ON PHONE 303 291 6940  #9596*Randle Loeb
X  –  Jim Winston 
Jeremy and Peter  have resigned from the board
evaluation  T.R. Jay and Virginia  attended the personnel assessment
Patience  law professor at DU  –  active on Renaissance Housing Development Board  –  approved 
John being honored at  ACLU October 14 DINNER
1.4 million dollars gain in July  826,000 over budget for contributions  1 time decrease of 200,000 in July
$600,000 in JULY SIBS GRANT
Peter Stoller is presenting    on budget
line of credit  down to $500,000.00
Kresge    grant  give us interest forgiveness  we have to pay interest in October  change 2 outcome measures  they could sell this to their BOARD
4% in October on 2 million  80,000 carrying costs in 2017  and 40,000 in 2018  interest on the loan from Kresge
finances decoupled the finance committee meeting meeting next TUESDAY after Labor  Day is absurd
Elizabeth Cookson spoke to us at CAB
Dental clinic spoke at the PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEETING
Dental  clinic volunteers and staffing   21  staff  I THINK  
major gifts is on target
grant writer  Judi Day is leaving next week  13 years
bequest  $200,000  Actuarial Maturity
$300,000  Colorado Give’s Day
handled as pledges  $  comes in in January, 2017
report  Adhoc Governance Committee
first run of changes of articles of incorporation
actually until night fall
2111 Champa Street, 2nd FLR Conference Room
Thursday, September 1, 2016
4:00 – 6:00 pm.
Call in info: 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596
NOTE: Please update your calendars to reflect meeting on the FIRST THURSDAY going forward.
4:00 – 4:05
I. Approval of August Minutes
4: 05 – 4:10 II. Executive Committee Report – Jay
4: 10 – 4:20 III. Finance Report – Virginia
July 2016 Financials
4: 20 – 4:25 IV. Program Committee Report – Charles 
4: 25 – 4:30 V. Resource Development Report – Jynx 
4: 30 – 4:35 VI. Consumer Advisory Board Report – Tanger Jones (TJ)
4: 35 – 5:30 VII.
CCH Orientation Presentation – John
5:30 – 5:40 VIII. President’s Report – John
Organizational Development Group Update
All Staff Meeting – September 14
at Grand Hyatt
5: 20 – 5:50 IX. Renaissance Housing Development Corp. Report – John
Downtown Lofts Update
5:50 – 6:00 X.
Other Business
6:00 XI.
new date of CCH BOARD first Thursday of OCTOBER near mom’s anniversary
Board of Director’s Meeting
Tuesday, Aug 2, 2016
Conference call in info: 303-291-6940 Bridge #9596
TR Reid
Tristzette Morton
Virginia Berkeley, Darrell Brown, James Davis, Norman Haglund, Sana Hamlin,
*Randle Loeb, T.R. Reid
Chris Bates, Jennifer Bettridge, Jay Brown, Peter Calamari, Jeremy Hotsenpiller,
Tanger Jones, Laray Kraeplin, Jynx Messacar, Leanne Wheeler,
TaRhonda Thomas, Jim Winston
Staff Attending: Cathy Alderman, Louise Boris, Stan Eilert, John Parvensky, Pete Stoller
* Via conference call
Meeting brought to order at 4:10 PM AGENDA
Approval of Minutes
Minutes from
July 5
, 2015
meeting were
reviewed. Randle Loeb
motioned to accept
t he
minutes. It was seconded by Virginia. All were in favor; motion carried.
Executive Committee Report – TR Reid
There was a round of introductions by current members to the new Board of Director’s Sana
Hamelin and Norm Hagland.
Virginia spoke briefly regarding the Adhoc Governance
Committee’s plan to review CCH’s
governance documents and revise as necessary.
Finance Report – Virginia Berkeley and Pete Stoller
(Refer to Finance Committee handouts for details.)
June Financial Statements
The June Financial Statements were reviewed. Increase in Net Assets for six months ended June
30, 2016 was $898,418 as compared to a budgeted gain of $95,747.
Medicaid/care revenue was $5.7M through June, under budget by ($333K).
Contribution revenue is $580K through June, over budget by $107K.
Realized gain of $420k from the sale of Garfield property in March.
Recognition of $400k+ SIB revenue through April for Jan-Jun program services
The balance on the line of credit as of June increased to $1.55M. Funds are being moved to/from
Line of Credit (LOC) as needed; $500K paid back to LOC in late July.
Other issues discussed was the Northern Trust loan closing and the Kresge repayment.
James Davis wanted to know what the Northern Trust line is currently being used for and it was
explained that its use currently is for expenses for Renaissance Downtown Lofts.
John Parvensky explained to the Board that CCH received a multi-year grant whose revenue will
Board of Director’s Meeting
Tuesday, Aug 2, 2016
Conference call in info: 303-291-6940 Bridge #9596
cover dedicated expenses in 2017 as outlined in GAAP accounting practices.
James wanted to know if there are any foreseeable red flags or challenges looming in the next 6
months regarding the cash flow. He was told by Pete that he is comfortable with the position that
CCH is in, especially with the Northern Trust funds; and that ways to build revenue base are
consistently being sought.
Audit Selection
Final selection of the Audit Firm was done by email vote of the Finance Committee. BKD
(formerly Baird, Kurtz and Dobson out of Springfield, MO) was chosen and the transition is
underway; no major changes are expected.
Program Committee Report – Charles Savage
(Refer to Program Committee minutes for details.)
Charles was absent from the meeting. Louise Boris reported the committee received an expanded
presentation by Mandy May on the outcome measures
reported in the U
niform Data System
(UDS), which was previously presented to the Board in a condensed presentation.
Resource Development Report – John Parvensky
(Refer to Resource Development Report to the Board for details.)
John briefly highlighted areas as reflected in the finance report:
Reporting 62% of goal reached
Event revenue up largely due to success of Sip City;
SipCity 2016 was a resounding success:
Gross proceeds
Pending: proceeds of Great Divide Brewing Co June promotion
Projected revenue:
Expenses (estimated)
Projected net:
T.R. Reid commented that sponsoring the 5K run is a very good way to support the organization
and reiterated that it is important to CCH’s funders to have 100% Board participation.
Consumer Advisory Board Report – TJ Jones
(Refer to CAB minutes for details.)
Tanger Jones (TJ) was absent but bullet points were provided from the last meeting:
The CAB would like to collaborate with Healthy Kids Fair and host a shoe drive but it is
too late to get involved in that capacity this year. They will focus that effort to a shoe and
coat drive for Project Homeless Connect instead.
A committee luncheon is planned at the home of Mary Lea Forington in September.
It is expected that the results from the Environmental Trauma Survey will be reviewed at
the August meeting.
Board of Director’s Meeting
Tuesday, Aug 2, 2016
Conference call in info: 303-291-6940 Bridge #9596
Dr. Cookson has been invited to speak to the CAB on Trauma Informed Care from the
provider’s perspective.
President’s Report – John Parvensky
FLSA Changes on Exempt Employees
John Parvensky gave an update to the FLSA change effective December, 2016. Originally it was
thought that 150 staff would move
from salary exempt to hourly which would have a
impact to the employee; delaying a week of pay due to base salaries being paid in arrears. It has
since been decided that those employees effected would move to salaried nonexempt, minimizing
employee hardship. There was a detailed discussion regarding the three classifications
: hourly,
salary exempt and salary nonexempt.
John shared with the Board that
the HUD
super NOFA (Notice of Funds Availability) renewal
process was underway. The Coalition receives approximately $8-9 million in HUD grant funding
annually. There was a detailed
discussion regarding the two tier renewal
and how the
local community rank the grants up for renewal, and its impact to CCH.
Social Impact Bond (SIB)
John shared with the Board that the lease up process for some of the participants has been
somewhat challenging; some participants aren’t ready to be housed at this time which has created
some difficulty meeting the goal of having 52 by the targeted date.
The construction delay for Renaissance Downtown Lofts (RDL), Mental Health of Denver project
on South Federal along with the delay of the St. Franc
is Center
housing is
also creating some
difficulty. A collaborative solution is being sought out to utilize housing vouchers at scattered
sites to get lease up back on track.
Organizational Development Workgroup Update
John reported that the list of the work in progress items garnered from the recommendation
presented to the Expanded Executive team from each Workgroup was shared at the full
Management team meeting today. An email to Staff and Board members will go out regarding
review of the
recommendations over the following weeks, with a goal to have a
formal response to each group during the All Staff Retreat in September. John welcomed any
feedback and suggestions for prioritizing after review of the recommendations, and
invited the
Board to attend the All Staff Retreat on September 14
at the Grand Hyatt Downtown Denver.
Renaissance Housing Development Corp Report – John Parvensky
Pizza Fusion Space
The space is currently on the market and has received interest from several business’, mainly for
restaurant use. Two offers being considered is a V ietnamese restaurant and the other a very
popular take out restaurant. Since Pizza fusion used a conveyor oven, if leased to a traditional
restaurant, modification to the existing exhaust configuration would be more extensive than if
modified for the take out operation. Modification estimate bids for both options are being sought.
Board of Director’s Meeting
Tuesday, Aug 2, 2016
Conference call in info: 303-291-6940 Bridge #9596
Renaissance Downtown Lofts
John shared that the financing of the project closed in July wit
h initial equity payments being
provided by Wells Fargo. Northern Trust funds were used to advance funds due from the Federal
Home Loan grant which are delayed; this avoids usage of the general funds for the project. John
also gave an update on other funding expected from Mercy Housing, the grant from the City of
Denver, and installments from Developers fees.
John reported that due to Kiewit’s warranty work
, Developer fees for Stout Street Loft in the
amount of $175,000 are being held. Once the work is complete, the remainder of the Capitol
contribution will flow and those funds will be released.
Advocacy Report – Cathy Alderman
Denver Affordable Housing Proposal
Cathy Alderman shared some highlights from the presentation “Denver’s Next Bold Step on
Affordable Housing” given at the Affordable Housing Public Meeting on Thursday, July 21st
2016. There was a detailed discussion of the Mayor’s Office of Housing & Opportunities for
People Everywhere (HOPE) plan. Some of the
highlights of the discuss
ion was the Mayor’s
strategy/performance framework; coordination of the Mayors vision; external
partnerships/communication and community engagement, and development of policy and budget.
(Refer to handout for details.)
Tobacco Tax Initiative
Cathy discussed the proposed constitutional amendment that will ask voters to increase taxes on
tobacco products in order to raise money for critical unmet health needs for all Coloradans. The
amendment is supported by groups such as the United Veterans Committee of Colorado,
Children’s Hospital Colorado, the American Heart Association and the American Lung
Association to name a few.
Cathy informed the Board that she, along with a few other CCH staff members will circulate the
tobacco tax ballot initiative for signatures if anyone is interested in signing. (See attached
presentation for details.)
Other Business
The meeting ended
at 5:5
5PM by
T.R. Reid. The next CCH Board of Directors meeting moved
from the first Tuesday of the month to the first Thursday of the month starting on September 1
2016 at 2111 Champa St, 2nd fl. Conference Room.
Jennifer Bettridge
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