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September 5, 2016

i prefer more quiet and intimate activities any more. Body has not been working right all year and it goes through stages of congestion and coughing arrhythmia and pain chronic constant challenges. Ride my bike for the most part. Stay down in the hood between Logan at Colfax and 13th and Williams almost everyday make three trips back and forth. spend almost all of the time dealing with bouts of indigestion and bathroom issues, physical sense has been bombarded even catching my breath has become challenging. BUT I prevail will no matter how. As for leaving: leaving is a bitter-sweet acceptance of reality.


All of my friends and colleagues have over time moved on died or departed, family most of all and long-term friends. it is strange when I was very young I spent a lot of time by myself, playing imagining playing with others made up brothers and later their presence moved into the shadows. I spend a lot of time alone and my brothers and I confer. Clarence is seldom able and available. I have been viewed with disdain and alarm by most of the activists and their institutions. I look to nature for spiritual sustenance and not to kin, people or relationships. I likely will carry out the end of this life by myself.




Un Vox Clamantis in Deserto.


vōx clāmantis in dēsertō

  1. The voice of one crying out in the desert; a reference to John the Baptist; has the meaning of “he speaks but nobody listens to him”.
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