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Pat Steadman the Upcoming Ballot for November 8 Election – Voter Be Alert and Register to Be Educated and Cast Your Ballot

September 6, 2016

Pat Steadman the Upcoming Ballot for November 8 Election – Voter Be Alert and Register to Be Educated and Cast Your Ballot

Now that Labor Day is behind us it’s officially time to turn our attention to the General Election in November. It’s unavoidable now, so let’s focus on some important decisions facing voters this year:
But first! you’re invited to join me and a great host committee at my housethis Thursday to support a great candidate: Marti Smith. (details below)
I’m With Her.      #ImWithHer 
Michael Bennet deserves reelection to the United States Senate.
Please help restore a Democratic Majority in the Colorado Senate. Support the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund (an initiative of the Colorado Democratic Party), and/or contribute to these worthy candidates:
Senate District 8   – Emily Tracy
Senate District 14 – reelect Sen. John Kefalas
Senate District 19 – Rachel Zenzinger
Senate District 25 – Jenise May
Senate District 26 – Rep. Daniel Kagan
Senate District 27 – Tom Sullivan
Senate District 28 – reelect Sen. Nancy Todd 
Senate District 29 – Rep. Rhonda Fields 
Senate District 35 – Sheriff Jim Casias 
In local State House races, Leslie Herod and Chris Hansen are newcomers and Reps. Alec Garnett and Paul Rosenthal are seeking reelection. They’ll all be fine! Our own Rep. Crisanta Duran is likely to be Speaker next year! 
Other candidates of note include former House Majority Leader Alice Madden, who is vying for an at-large seat on the CU Board of Regents. Madden andJack Kroll, from the Denver-based 1st CD, could be part of a Democratic majority on that board if things go well in November. Be sure to vote for both of them.
And speaking of Denver, I’m now supporting Beth McCann for District Attorney after her impressive primary victory. That office needs a change.
It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a fundraising reception at my house, but the wait is almost over. This Thursday evening you’re welcome to bring your checkbooks over to my place in support of a terrific candidate for County Commissioner in Jefferson County. At 5:00 pm you can stop by for a quick visit with Marti Smith and learn about her vision for Jefferson County. Come early and be on your way and you can still attend to that little football game that starts later that evening…
Please join your hosts:
Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman, Sen. Pat Steadman, Rep. Paul Rosenthal, Rep. Dominick Moreno, Denver Clerk & Recorder Debra Johnson, Hon. Mark Ferrandino, Hon. Sue Schafer, Leslie Herod, Wendy Howell, Travis Lieker, Roger Sherman and Morgan Watters
for a special LGBTQ fundraising reception to benefit:
Marti Smith for JeffCo 
Thursday, September 8, 2016, 5:00 pm
at the home of State Senator Pat Steadman
1257 Corona St., Denver, CO 80218 
RSVP to 
or contribute now at
Here’s a preview of some of the ballot issues you’ll be confronting in November:
6 Proposed Constitutional Amendments
(2 referred by legislature, 4 initiated by petition)
Amendment T – Repeal Slavery Exception 
Largely symbolic, this measure repeals old language from the Colorado Constitution that makes an exception to the prohibition against slavery for those convicted of a crime. Proponents say there should be no exceptions and legal experts say deleting this language will have no practical effect.
I voted in favor of referring this measure to the ballot and I’m urging a YES vote on T.
Amendment U – Possessory Interests Tax Exemption
Approval of this measure would exempt from property tax certain property interests below $6,000 that county assessors say are more trouble than they’re worth. The statewide impact is relatively small. 
I helped write this measure and voted to refer it to voters. I encourage a YES vote on U.
Amendment 69 – Colorado Care
Single payer health care as a constitutional amendment. 
Amendment 70 – Minimum Wage
In Colorado it takes a constitutional amendment to increase the minimum wage. Approval of this measure raises it to $12/hour by the year 2020.
I have endorsed a YES vote on Amendment 70.
Amendment 71 – Raise the Bar
This measure would make it harder to amend the constitution in the future and require more statewide involvement when petitioning an amendment onto the ballot. Signatures would come from each of the state’s 35 Senate districts and approval would require a minimum of 55% of the votes cast. 
I have endorsed a YES vote on Amendment 71.
Amendment 72 – Tobacco Tax Increase 
It’s hefty, and it’s going to health and mental health programs. 
I have endorsed a YES vote on Amendment 72.
3 Proposed Statutory Initiatives
(all 3 initiated by petition)
These measures include end-of-life options for people with terminally illness and two separate questions about primary elections, one of which restores the Presidential Primary Election starting in 2020. I’ll have more information on these measures in my next newsletter, as well as a newly-qualified marijuana measure initiated by citizen petition in Denver.
4B – Scientific & Cultural Facilities District 
Reauthorization of the art and culture sales tax in the 7-county metro area. The tax is unchanged, the district just keeps getting better. Culture for all!
I have endorsed a YES vote on Measure 4B.
3A & 3B – Denver Public Schools Bond/Mill
Like it or not it’s time to do it again.
I have endorsed a YES vote on Measures 3A & 3B.
You better be registered to vote! It’s easier than ever to verify your voter registration or make updates if you’ve moved or are ready to leave the Republican party. Simply visit and take care of it now, from your computer or smartphone. Register and get ready to make your vote count!
Lawmaker Honored by CU Cancer Center
by Erika Matich, Colorado Cancer Blogs, Sept. 1, 2016
“I am really proud of the fact that we could take some of the tobacco settlement and actually spend it on research.”
Ft. Lyon Helps Homeless Addicts – and an Ailing Rural Economy
by Alan Prendergast, Westword, August 30, 2016
“One of the big challenges is that nobody has agreed upon the definition of success for Fort Lyon,” says Steadman.
That’s all for this edition!
I’ll be in touch again before the election with more information about voting, ballot issues, candidates and events. Stay tuned!
Thanks for considering this information,
Pat Steadman  
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