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September 7, 2016

Suicide Prevention Hot Line  800 273 8255

@ daily experience rips at my heart I wake up wondering how it is possible to be alive. and it is like addiction how you endure despite the losses so many it is like a field of poppies in a breeze that is deafening. No way it is the same because each of our journeys has lasted for a life time. Being present and listening can save another but music and cliches far and away miss who I am – a survivor




What do you like about this statement? I don’t have any decent experiences with telephone hot lines. 1 time a friend fetched the local police to take me to a hospital. I saw through the nonsense and they did not succeed a family member attempted to do the exact same thing another time and once more I could read what the person was doing. I am an independent spirit. I take nothing specifically for manic-depressive disease and my anti social personality disease either. I simply avoid stress. For 7 years I acted out and tried repeatedly to kill myself with over doses and combinations of medications and then that all ended at 9/11 when I FINALLY SAW THAT no matter how terrible or terrified I am of my life that this is my life and I make sure I avoid stress of every type possible. I also listen more than I ever did to what my body tells me. + I exercise both spiritually and through physical work to lessen the pain and increase the endorphins. I also study all the time and write. I have developed a retinue of characteristics to strengthen my will. I stopped seeing my psychiatrist years ago. DOES IT MAKE ME A SUCCESS STORY? No by no means, the opposite is true. I am tested every day and when I awaken I feel blessed that I have survived another day. I talk to many many people of all ages about these matters and I was trained as a chaplain. Our first premise is to be still and listen! I find that in almost all of my work with people who live literally out on the edge of hope that their loss of motivational interviewing and the challenges of multiple traumas since their tender first days offers most of the support that is possible to offer. We are in fact courageous for working through the loss and pain.



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