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CCH SIB – S – SOCIAL INVESTMENT BONDS – Program Committee September 2016

September 8, 2016

Social  Investment Bonds      SIB – s 

250  people who are highest users of the JAIL SYSTEM  Regina Huerter  applied for the grants  partnerships with Mental Health Center of Denver  Corporation for Housing Urban Institute  and the University of Denver


2 groups  1 control and 1 users


Crime Prevention and Control Commission 1,400 people over 3 years  people who were in the jails for many reasons


14,000 days in jail  is the amount of time that these people are jailed.






5 names weekly starting in february  any contact with police  at all


randomized  not aware that they are eligible  receiving services


reduce jail days and increase housing stabilization


regina is the author of this plan  jail diversion


sweeps impacted people being found  –   we had to relocate their identification


why is this a social Investment ot activity bond?  Why is this the name for the bond?


framework for evaluation   income outcome


demographic breakdown by race  165  for CCH  up to 170  clients  78  names  

(1) died  

(51) housed

(15) in process of being housed

looking for (9) others

(2) refused SERVICES  1 is waffling  – when the seasons change

85%  male  average age 48  youngest 21  oldest 69 years old


210  new units were built for this project  

Sanford Gulch  on North Federal Blvd.


100 units in new Broadway Lofts


103 people live in units there at Colorado Station 25 units for the program 


but not ethnic breakdown   


21 year old woman  15%   kicked out of her Mormon family  lived in Confluence Park


scattered site on their own   Assertive Community Treatment team


75%  services provided in community


supportive housing staff person on site  


reduce involvement with criminal justice system


most of their people have been in Stout Street  Health Center  according to them most of them have never been to Stout Street.


DOES THIS INCLUDE THE HOP  –  84%  have received services from HOP  team meetings on Wednesdays of OUTREACH at place across the street.  


ALMOST NOBODY IS HERE  I wonder what that is about since we have ground breaking afterwards


5  year project


research  design


data Urban Institute 



services to person   JESS  physicians assistant  Jess is the manager of the team  she is a licensed psychologist?


each staff member works with all of the clients  1:10 staff ration to clients


complex case review


focused outreach  techniques


find person and retrieve their vital documents




self sustain  bill services to the building


project does not work 8 million dollars has come from the City and County of Denver


sadly  closing the program  early  commitment    population that they have not been able to attend to before


SIB  measure  100%  housing retention   –  could we do that with Logan Studios  could have moved around


client choice  they have maintained housing


only take a yellow pill even close to the person’s needs


severe mental illness substance abuse how do you talk to people how do you keep people in your apartment.


trauma  and   reverse trauma experiencing mental health  issues


jailed for more than 90 days then the person loses their HUD voucher –  we have money that is distinct.


employment is a couple steps away  devere disabilities  social security  disability  criminal justice system


we have at 2100 Broadway  club house   we have an employment from Stout Street Works  3 times a week.


SNAPS   taking a vocational survey  


many are working  – or like me just do whatever is possible


to succeed program   MHCD  since 1989  award winning program  supportive employment


I would like to go aback to ethnic competence


cultural competence  nuances of diverse ethnic minorities who live in the community





Judge Tidwell  state level judge  –  



CAHPS  Coordinated Housing Placement      –  next month


integrated care model











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