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September 10, 2016

The Lifeline Business for Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention – In all ways a conundrum  

Suicide is #1 silent
killer of people probably the loudest is WAR!
Suicide is a great tragedy for us all.
September is Suicide Prevention month .
Both family, neighbors and friends copy and paste this status
to give support to all of those who have family
problems, health struggles, job issues,
worries of any kind and who need to
know that there is someone to be present and listen. You can if you are willing and able. Copy and paste this mantra.

Light a candle near a window at 8 PM on World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th


If we’re preventing suicides then what is the reason that these numbers are rising in all sectors? How many military personnel, how many young people, how many people who are elderly who feel that there is no one to care for them, not to mention anyone along the way with chronic conditions, who feel it is harder to function when we do not have adequate healthcare let alone mental health treatment?
I’d love to inject the subject of TRAUMA and trauma care that is also evident in all of their matters. Let’s change the public conversation on how we can listen and be less materialistic, which goes to a primary reason that many think seriously about ending their lives.
the other issue that they are not covering is that there are legitimate reasons for people ending their lives. Much of this is ILLEGAL and therefore once more the life line is a part of the system and is not trusted. When will we come to terms with the fact that every community is different and people are distinct in their way of handling their pain and loss.
it is fascinating that these two are connected with a network, economically and whatever else. Most of the people who I know who are struggling there in NYC and elsewhere do not feel that they are represented by these 160 life line centers. Most of the people who earn less than a living wage, unlike these people are then subject to abuse by police who are contacted if the local people are unable to do their task of getting you to help. THIS IS NOT INCLUSIVE and I know personally. this presentation is neither culturally relevant nor is it relevant to many people for whom the system is replete with abuse.
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