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PHC 15 redux 2016 November 2 (Set Up) and 3 Colorado Convention Center Stand Down for All Who Have Nowhere to Dwell

September 13, 2016


October 11  next meeting going on here

PHC 15  Redux  2016  November 2 and 3 Colorado Convention Center  Stand Down for All Who Have Nowhere to Dwell

Project Homeless Connect 15

Planning Meeting, September 13, 2016 11:30am-1:00pm

Mile High United Way


3 staging areas  

LOBBY when you enter  where I am kk

homeless outreach officers are well known to people

3rd level mezzanine uniformed officer with child care 

client services to guest services   information

  1. Introductions  –  KATIE  need many volunteers  write up a blurb on the event  2 large scale to 5,000 people  
  2. Catherine Gastons MHCD
  5. Urban STreet  GHolden
  6. Rose Mcquigen
  7. Sarah Schleighbaugh
  8. Jeff Obermeyer 
  9. Marlene Aguilar  employment services from Human Services Rez Care  Dynamic Solutions –  RESUME LAB  
  10. Jon Loper
  11. Sage Hospitality
  12. Renee Cruz
  13. Luis   Metro Carering  IDS
  14. moi  
  15. Arlan  food 
  16. ASHLEY  marketing
  17. Steve


  1. Updates from Committee Chairs
    1. Volunteer Management/Outreach/Recruitment (Haley)  person to contact for volunteers
      1. Volunteer Training Video 177 people registered UNITED PLAY  more rooms for in person trainings  10/ 12 17 20  physical trainings  –  do you want a person who has been without a place to live –  learned more in person   
      2. In person training sessions –  there are 4 I believe  one in morning  one at noon and one later in the day  
      3. Take some updated fliers
      4. Need to make a big push this month!
    2. PR/Marketing/Outreach Flyers (Julie/Ashley)  they are not here this morning
    3. Medical (Maryjo, Cris) not present this morning 
    4. Food/Beverages (Katie)  – 
    5. Supplies/Donations (Katie/Angie) (IZZY)   PRINGLE SUITES SAGE HOSPITALITY Kaiser  Permanente  1,000 T.J. Shoes
    6. Mental Health (Catherine)  MHCD
    7. Outreach/Safety (Chris)  help in the lobby  outreach collaborative  –  Denver Police Department  officers  –  
    8. Information/Trainings (Randle) –  3 tables
    9. Legal Services/Homeless Court (Angie)  no  responses yet  
    10. Sponsorships (Angie)  
    11. Benefits Assistance (Nicole)  bus tickets  SNAPS  adult protective services medicare  Health benefits  CHP +  SSI  SSDI  
    12. COLORADO  I.D.s (Susan/Luis)  LUIS METRO CARERING:  todo esta bien  Identifications
    13. Housing & Shelter Resource Information (Deb)  cannot salvage the housing manuals  –  Tory  First Step  Warren Village   MONDAY 19th  a meeting is taking place at  _______  printing  LUWAN  PRINTING COMPANY  covering the expense
    14. Employment/Jobs Fair (Tammy/Ken)  30 employers wished to handle expedited hiring on the spot,  must have a resume printers necessary  –  flash drives  if all else fails  –  they need more than 5 copies they do not have TO GO BACK TO THE resume lab   – no volunteers necessary  –  Friday Road Home at the Daniels Center of VOA  – 9:30 am  
      1. Resume Lab (Katie H.)
      2. Veterans Services (Carolyn/Erma)  NONE 
      3. Updates to Floor Plan/Layout/Providers (Liz/Steve)  PARKING LOT FOR TRAILERS  UPS  at OFFICE DEPOT?
      4. low attendance  for September  (20)  people with 1/2 from Denver Human Services DRH


  1. Outstanding Questions/Needs?
    1. Does anyone have an idea for a guest to speak for 3-4 minutes at Kick-Off?

Catherine Gaskins   –  MHCD bilingual   blue  colored t-shirt  name tags for everyone  whole  event  recruiting  for Spanish Dominant Speakers  –  cultural  competence  Spanish Speakers  –  does  signing 

  1. Next Meetings

781 volunteers is our finite aim

Karen   clothes  Comcast Coats for Colorado  UPS AS WELL


take away whatever you place in the Convention Center

Precious Child  in Broomfield –   Jeff Obermeyer works for UPS  United Parcel Services  OCTOBER 1 it will be available

  • October 11: 11:30 am-1:00 pm at Mile High United Way
  • November 8: Wrap Up meeting? Date/time will be confirmed at a later time

People attending  the Planning Committee

9:45  am brief kick off event Mayor  Albus Brooks  GUEST  Don MARES  PERSON TO RAP  – 3 – 4 minutes

Arlene SNAPS  working for EMPLOYMENT FIRST

Katie Symons <>
X  “Norman, Alice L. – Public Defenders Office” <>,,
“Arellano, Kenneth F. – DWD Workforce” <>,,
X  Arlan Preblud <>,,,
Brenton Hutson <>,,,,
“Finn, Christine K.” <>,
Chris Conner <>,
Renee Crews <>,
X  Debra Gray <>,
Ellen Martinelli <>,
Erica Olenick <>,
X  Erma McCalister <>,
“Fuller, Nicole Y. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
X Ashley Inman <>,,
X  Jen Gold <>,,
“Holbrook, Katie A. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>,
X  Katie Symons <>,,,
X  Jon Luper <>,
“Alexander, Marna L” <>,
MaryJo Coast <>,
“Miller, Maureen R” <>,,
Bennie Milliner <>,
“Mish, Mary M.” <>,,
X  “Nelson, Angela M. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
X  “Ochs, Elisabeth N. – DHS” <>,
“Parks, Robert – DPD” <>,
X  Randle Loeb <>,,
Housing For Young Mothers Bannock Youth Center <>,
X  Haley Shelley <>,
Julie Smith <>,
X  Steve Persichetti <>,
“Cole, Susan” <>, no esta tampoco
Susan Tattershall <>,
X  Tammy Bellofatto <>,
Victoria Ambrosio <>




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