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Alms has always been a long-term solution to being poor and a means for surviving in this harsh and threatening world

September 20, 2016

Alms has always been a long-term solution to being poor, and a means for surviving in this harsh and threatening world.

In Canterbury’s Tales throughout the Middle Ages and up into the present begging for alms was a necessity for some to survive.


We all strive for connection, for touch, for recognition and of being a person who is valued. All of us come from a home, a place where we began life even if it was tenuous and threatening, we were connected. Where we have a chance to be kind, generous and patient we are serving to heal wounds that run deeply from trauma, that may have occurred at the inception of life. It is a matter of spirit, of will, of listening to the testimony of another that will inevitably make it possible to overcome the aching feeling of being useless, that we may carry on and achieve what we are here for with grace and dignity.





we must learn to listen and fill our hearts until they bust with love


The world out there despite the stats is more precarious than ever because housing costs and basic necessities are out of reach for many people who are young, single head of households, people on fixed incomes, people with disabilities, and the state of affairs in general is traumatizing both emotionally and in being empowered. We stand on the edge of a razor that falls into an abyss that is marked by the “Underside of economic privilege,” On the cover of the text written by Stephen Pimpare and edited by Howard Zinn, “The People’s History of Poverty in the United States,” we see this Great Gatsby type of scenario where the underside of the world is looking through a gaping hole in the floor at the privileged. More and more of us will not be able to die with dignity because we live in a fractured and polarized world. This is a reason there are many more people who are unable to consider living in a habitat but see their basic housing as a vehicle in a parking lot or driveway. Unfortunately, I know too well.


Being traumatized – is a reality for many more and more broadly across the spectrum of communities across the hemisphere and around the world. We re brutalized by the modern industrial megalopolis that inundates all access for people living in poverty to an equal footing in making a decent living wage.


We live in the wilderness of a razor’s edge that threatens us at every turn both environmentally and as a community.  The irony is that we created this morass.



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