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Skills 2 Compete September 2016

September 22, 2016

Skills 2 Compete September 2016

Introduction and announcements………………………. quien esta aqui  –  yo, Michele, Laura Ware, Chaer Robert, Frank Waterous,  Kris Grant, Alison Freedman, Naomi Aguilar, Jesus Laoyza, Luke Staka, Paula   , Steve Allen, Michael Smith, Kelly Folks, Brian Wilhelm, Lorena Zimmer, Christina Postolowski, Abby Hull, Jan Horn, Jon Gallego, Aaron Moore, Adam Nettleton,  5 people are on the phone  –  Laurie and Lorena are at a lunch of Cwee right now,  

people in attendance:  chris Crap  October 6 breakfast universal income  Colo ,  sarah Steffas,  WIOA research , Michele Medina ESPL, CCLP Jesus, Chris, participant #,  Adam Nettleton going to United Way, Steve King,  REHIRE COLO. Administrator,  Paula Shreever  from Spring Institute, Frank  Waterous Bell Policy Center,  talking about GED test scores and 2 other possible exams that are possible are being started statewide,  Bryan Wall  Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, Jodi Trauger Stacey,  Red Rocks Career Counseling,  ME,  Laura Ware, training on TABOR  on October 6,  equity and accessibility  CoMMITTEE  PAULA,  Spring Institute   Workforce development board, ON PHONE   —-   JENNIFER DEPT of Ed on Phone  Adult education,    –  Workforce Data, Abby A, Kelly  Arapahoe, Jo Gallegos,  

State WIOA Eligible Provider Training List ………………Michelle Medina, Colo Department of Higher Education       New systems  (2)   Colo  Dept of Labor and Employment  working with College of Colorado,  Board of Nursing,  these programs are preloaded  registered apprenticeships,  not 4 year programs at this time,  once that they are approved, application –   submit the program for the schools for all additional programs, they can go in and update their information self-service system,  where would that student have to go to participate in the program,  work force center approval if they want that program approved in that region,  in their eyes you have to meet criteria for accreditation,    looking at areas of demand for training  leading to employment,  




HOMELESSNESS  distinct pertinent issues


 THERE IS SPRING INSTITUTE  ISSUES MI CASA  CWEE,  non profit community organizations  pre employment SOFT SKILLS,


Launch my career:   Waterous  is speaking about career pathways  


WEB SITE  Costs of the programs   no placement rate or outcome  they have to report that and it will be on the website in a year


LINKED-IN  employment  models in computer


consumer protection  primary source  WIOA  will be still relevant   –  federal  level  –  PELL  GRANTS  as allowable as a school  – customer choice has not disappeared –   they have to be approved on ETPL  not everything is approved on ETPL  it will be more restrictive based on getting jobs after their training  – these will be mandated for determining whether a program is available.


CUSTOMER CHOICE will be accepted in individual choices  based on whether they can pay for the program  if they are a low income population then they will make choices based on whether it is in the best interests of the student.

Consumer Info- Private Occupational School – Committee Report and discussion…………….Kris Grant and other Committee members

Raise the Bar  –  

Employment and Training Support Services- Committee Update


ITT CLOSER  11,000  people were affected. lobbyist for education         –    we look bad  –  Corinthian ?  Colorado Attorney General  four closures of schools over last 4 years.  ARGOSY  –   National Skills Coalition  Jen Leventhal  New Jersey  Minnesota  report similar data to the state

RISE  –   bring through k-12  employment outcomes, stream line consumer information

strong voice against data collection  we don’t want to tools to collect relevant data.  prove outcome and effectiveness  student data would be protected  

Consumer protection websites  touch points  have to determine if you read or went to these sites.


setting up all of these websites   no counselors


Young Invincibles  –

90% of federal funding from the Title IV  dollars   what does not count is GI bill  they consider this to be private funding.

LEGISLATION  in 2017  –  

gainful employment rule


300.032 adults who did not receive education for adult literacy

ENGLISH who do not speak English well  2% reached  2 generations reach  not educated will impact the children

low literacy levels    will have a harder time with their children

every dollar invested makes $60.00 BACK



WIOA Implementation……………………………………….Updates 

support services policies in each district




General Skills2Compete Meeting 8.25.16


Introductions and Updates:

  • The Spring Institute’s fundraiser is coming up
  • CCLP’s Annual Pathways from Poverty Breakfast is quickly approaching on October 6 at the History Colorado Center. Andy Stern is the keynote speaker and will talk about a universal basic income in the U.S. We are also honoring David Butler and Sen. Pat Steadman for their work on poverty issues in Colorado. Register today for what promises to be a great event.
  • Aaron Moore from Linkedin: Be sure to check out
    • Training Finder is targeted at job seekers in Phoenix and Colorado who have a high school diploma and some or no college education and want to advance their career in their current field, or get a new job in a different field.
  • Benajmin Jutson provided an update  from the National Skills and Credential Institute at the White House
    • Fascinating and diverse group of stakeholders with a unique perspective
    • Focus is on re-entry programs for immigrants in all industries
    • Currently 7.2 million immigrants/refugees with a bachelors degree or higher in the U.S.
    • 5-6 years is typically the ‘breaking point’ for getting these folks accredited and back into the industry they are trained for
      • Essential to know where to send these folks to
    • Stakeholders are navigating the regulations in finding pathways for these folks and also attempting to redefine these barriers to employment/accreditation in a customized way
    • Question from Frank: has there been any innovation in statewide regulations?
      • Answer: Minnesota provides a great example with their dentist apprenticeship program because it didn’t put these folks in massive amounts of debt to become accredited once again
    • Moving forward: There will be another meeting of stakeholders in October, referrals and reach outs are accepted so please feel free to contact with any useful information

WIOA Implementation:

  • Frank to Abby: Were there any required modifications in Colorado’s state plan that needed to be made after the release of the federal regulations?
    • Finalized plan with modifications to come out the week of Aug. 29th , contact Lee Wheeler-Berliner with any questions:
      • Modifications mainly surrounded items in the appendix of Colorado’s state plan
  • Chaer to Abby: How is TANF being considered in the state’s WIOA plan?
    • Abby: Local plans are being finalized and you can expect a lot of movement within these plans in light of the fed’s regulations
    • Local policies will address Title I/III as well as supportive services funding
  • 51% of adults served must be in a priority category
  • Spring Institute is having trouble with the Eligible Provider Training List
    • (Dept. of Higher Ed. Managed EPTL website but CDLE still manages content)
  • Interest expressed in having CDOT come to a meeting and discuss the I-70 corridor expansion project and the transition processes involved for folks impacted
  • NOTE: Frank would like to be involved with the research on occupational schools and supportive services
  • Recap of potential issues to address from the last General Skills2Compete meeting  
    • Workforce development beyond employer’s needs
    • Funding for support services for job seekers
    • Transitional jobs program, Re-Hire
    • More funding for Adult Education—it is currently very low
    • Private Occupational Schools—
    • Opportunity Youth—
    • Individual entrepreneurship
    • (Andrea) Great opportunity for folks we serve is the gig economy
    • Trauma informed care
    • Ban the Box

Feedback in Response to the Preview of the Survey for Data Collection on WIOA Supportive Services

  • Might be better to focus on a shorter time period (i.e a month vs. a year) because of the pace of implementation and because staff simply may not have this data available
  • Possible to have a confidential survey for caseworker’s themselves? How about clients? Community based organizations?
  • Value and scale based questions are a good indicator of the region’s attitude towards supportive services
  • Would be helpful to have data broken down by gender if possible
  • Can we ask them how they assess the quality of the services provided/do they have any form of self-assessment in place?
  • Language throughout the survey needs to be clarified/made uniform
  • Possible to acquire WIOA specific codes?
  • Helpful to have data on out of school youth
  • Consensus: In light of the fact that the local areas/regions have developed/will develop a specific policy regarding supportive services for job seekers, our next step should be to reach out to the directors and request their supportive services policy
    • Note: Supportive services policies will differ from the local area/regions WIOA implementation plan
    • Laura Ware, of CCLP, has begun the process of reaching out to these folks and requesting their policies
      • Once these policies have been examined and analyzed, it is possible a second draft of the survey(s) will be created and distributed
      • Either way, whatever the policies entail will provide us proper direction going forward
  • Kris and Jesus have met with Steve Allen and gathered preliminary data on supportive services operations surrounding the Denver metro area

Moving Forward:

  • Stay tuned for notice of ad hoc committee meetings, please attend if you are at all interested in a given topic
  • Next meeting will be the 4th Tuesday of September (Sept. 22)
  • Please reach out to Chaer with any updates or developments in any of the issues we are focused on


X  Chaer Robert – CCLP

Naomi Aguilar – CO. Dept. of Education

Alison Freedman – Women’s Foundation of Co.

X  Jesus Loayza – CCLP

Kris Grant – CCLP

Luke Straka – CLLARO

Steve Allen – Co. Vocational Rehab. (CDLE)

Christina Postolowski – Young Invincibles

Aaron Moore – LinkedIn

X  Laura Ware – CCLP

Brian Wilhelm – CCDC

Lorena Zimmer – DMCC (Dept. Opp. Youth Initiatives)

X  Adam Nettleton – Adams County

X  Jon Gallego – CDHS

X  Frank Waterous – Bell Policy Center

Michael Smith – CO. Construction Institute

X  Kelly Folks – Arapahoe Cty. Douglas Works

Brian Wilson – National Skills Coalition

X  Jan Horn – CO. Dept. of Education

X  Abby Hull – Workforce Development Coalition



Aaron Moore; Abigail Hull – CDLE; Adam Nettleton; ‘‘; Alison Friedman; ‘‘; Andrea Stiles Pullas; ‘‘; Ashley Shaw; ‘‘; ‘‘; Brian Wilhelm; ‘‘; ‘‘; Cedric Lindsay; Chaer Robert; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Christina Postolowski; ‘‘; Claire Levy; Davis, Megan; Dawn Howard; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Eric Mergens; Gallegos – CDHS, Jon; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Jenna Leventoff; ‘‘; Jessica Cassarino; Jessie Hawthorn; ‘‘; Jesus Loayza; ‘‘; Jirous, Jennifer; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Karen Stran; Katie Hester; ‘‘; Kelly Folks; Kesi Relyea;; ‘‘; Kristopher Grant; Laura Gabbay; Laura Ware; ‘‘; ‘‘; Lee Wheeler-Berliner; ‘‘; ‘‘; Liu, Michelle; Lorena Zimmer; Luis Duarte; Luke straka; ‘‘; M Barry; ‘‘; Margaret Kirkpatrick; ‘‘; Michael Smith; Michelle Webster; Monica Guardiola; Paula Schriefer; ‘‘; Petti, Anne;; ‘‘; ‘‘; Renee Ferrufino; ‘‘; ‘‘; Rory O’sullivan; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Sheri Michael; ‘‘; ‘‘; Stephen Moore; ‘‘; ‘‘; Tim Gaudette; Tracey Stewart; ‘
Subject: Skills2Compete Meeting Next Thursday’9/22


Join us


Thursday , September 22 ( Fourth Thursdays monthly)

11:30 – 1:00

789  Sherman st

Call in number:  712 775 7300



State WIOA Eligible Provider Training List ………………Michelle Medina, Colo Department of Higher Education


Consumer Info- Private Occupational School – Committee Report and discussion…………….Kris Grant and other Committee members


Employment and Training Support Services- Committee Update


WIOA Implementation……………………………………….Updates from any and All


Other items?  Let me know


Thanks to Kris Grant for notes from last months meeting (attached).



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