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COORDINATING COMMITTEE SEPTEMBER 2016 Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI)

September 23, 2016

COORDINATING COMMITTEE SEPTEMBER 2016 Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI)  

The agenda is posted here:  We have also posted the PowerPoint from the Jefferson County presentation.

MDHI Coordinating Committee September 23, 2016 9am-11:30am Mile High United Way, 711 Park Avenue West, Denver, CO o Welcome and Brief Introductions

o Updates and Announcements

 MDHI, County and Agency updates

 Winter shelter updates

 CAHPS updates O Break out:

 County Presentations

 Employment Subcommittee

Next meeting: Friday, October 28, 2016 from 9-11:30 a.m.,

Please note that we have time on the agenda for updates on winter shelter plans. Please come prepared to speak to your county’s plans, as appropriate. I have attached a template we’ve used in the past to inform the discussion. We will ask each community to fill one out for posting on the website.



City of Aurora and Boulder County Presentations


NOFA is done:  


PIT  (Point in Time)  keep survey  tight   mobile Application   –     Shelters  Paper survey other measuring strategies

 planning 2017  Joe Baker  –  Point in Time talk more in depth about the PIT  Mr. Luehrs  –  what can be done to assist, what issues, what can make the Point a better result,  November  they’ll consider this with Joe.


Justin Russell  communicating  better  Intern


MDHI is building capacity  Gary transitions to Strategies initiatives  posting for Executive Director  Cahps coordinator  community coordinator  2-1-1  sub leasing extra space for the office up on the third floor.


September 30  the announcement for the position in closing for the Community Coordinator


Isabel McDermitt  –  Boulder voter education outreach  same day Bridgehouse Resource Center  October 12  Registration Centers is open as of October 24.


SHELTER:  Updates:  different counties  sweeps in Denver  we’re seeing  Jefferson Heading Home Arvada Police 52nd and Sheridan I-76  Wheat Ridge and Arvada meets  –  went to group let them know that they have to disperse.  


Denver  outreach workers where the displacement is going on  and a couple weeks in advance.


other communities where these displacements are taking place  along the rivers on Adams County.  


Each city handles this distinctly  Thornton leaves  people alone.


HAVE TO VACATE to  —– where?


a part of the clean up  week before they posted announcements about CDOT about them coming Wednesday 7 to 4 pm  a lot of the people were out of their sites early in the day.  they had a lot of personal belongings  handed out hygiene kits  took out resources Mary Jane  took their water and other things  only three people were willing to receive these resources really messy  marijuana containers  needles  CDOT pushing a pack  that they will do the clean up


supportive housing program based services   CITY OF BOULDER suspended camping ban back fired,  everyone panics  and they have been trying to screw around with one another


capacity for options  diverse options – disaster relief resources –  coordinate information on website.  what is your community doing?  other counties speak to this “SWEEPING”  Adams County no intention to criminalize people without a place to stay.  She came from Santa Cruz  and they harass people who live marginally.  Comitis and Path will be engaging people to learning to love people and treat them with compassion.  Impressed about as long as people are not trespassing they are left to their own devices.  Even if they are couched on private poverty  they are cleaning up their campsites.  Keep camping where they live.


Where can people camp  direct them to these other places

Laura Ware:  Gary  part of the Council of Mayors:  New Director  way to address the issue regionally  create a forum for regular dialogs about these matters  visibility  quality of life  deeper issues other than options for shelter.


Council of Mayors meet monthly:  regular attendee of that meeting   who?



Lisa  BOULDER COUNTY:  Longmont  and Boulder  plans for the OCT 15  to April 15 BOHO overflow  weather activated by weather  AGAPE  this year ONLY  identify gaps in services  committed emergency warming center  for the whole YEAR?  two Tier model  sot lottery Nov 15 March 15  Agape will do a apply model Nov 15  to Mar 15  100 people nightly  a lot of support from faith based community  we are nervous  keeping with our mission  relied heavily on volunteers two shelter coordinators and 6 to 8 over night staff  complicated with safety issues numbers of people met with the city two times temporary license.  two churches  DEADLINE OCT  1.


annual fund raiser direct appeal for over night sheltering  budgeted $60,000.00  –  budget will double.   Boulder shelter for people is a call in lottery system not walk up and be told that there is no room for them at the inn.




ADAMS AURORA:  Comitis  –  overflow all winter  –  wet bulb 32 degrees.  overflow on Fitzsimmons  community room at District police station  CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM goes out and works with people outdoors in very cold conditions.  ACOT  out door team working  Aurora Warms the Night  brrr VERY FRIGID  conditions to be out at all  –  vouchers in motels  –  doubled motel nights from the year before  day center  stay there.  


Jefferson County  Heading Home  – severe weather churches house individuals MEAN STREETS  12 families and pets.  EVERYONE comes in at 6 pm  next season they have a warm meal nightly  work up for breakfast.  Volunteer with children and school  –  provide movies  watch – first  fund raiser  everything was donated  keynote speaker  fantastic  one person for the staff  CYLC  child youth leadership committee of Jefferson County  cannot go to the shelter for disabilities mental illness and pets  they are using a voucher.  32 and wet  20 degrees.  


CHRIS CONNOR:  DENVER  no change Denver never stopped the sheltering this year.  DELORES call them first for shelter placement.

Emergency Shelters – women’s Homeless Initiative ST FRANCIS CENTER transportation to the shelter.  70 people through Samaritan House  to PEORIA for over flow  Holy Rosary  Church.


Samaritan House to receive a voucher




Salvation Army  4:30  secure a bunk  workers  can have a place  Rescue Mission  Lawrence Street  sign up  walk ups for transfer until 10 pm.  referrals to other shelters police can bring people in afterwards  – no walk UPS  at the overflow shelter. DALE  do not turn anyone away  so many variables in severe weather no one leaves ever  safety net minimal  search and rescue  operation.

YOUTH  numbers of youth and who are young

Urban Peak

FAMILIES  – vouchers at motels

Family Promise  – pets as well

families to Denver only 1 night voucher


we do not have capacity for the numbers of families that we have seen




MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WILL LOSE THEIR EXTREMITIES and have frostbitten parts  400 people will be outside at the least


motel vouchers


people doubled up and people living in their vehicles permanently  or on the run


Meagan  state employee


collaborating with other counties with families  and people who are mentally unfit to be outside.


vacant buildings good will among faith communities


Renee  PEORIA SHELTER  ONLY ____ more months  work in progress  7th AVENUE I-25  first quarter NEXT YEAR


employment care  ADAMS COUNTY MID OCTOBER  Emergency sheltering   traveling issue  30 beds traveling around the area shelters all family shelters  not emergency shelters  should be year round.




“up to 8 people can be housed permanently in the faith community sites throughout the state by right of the separation of church and state.”


families  CAHPS  is a one stop  one place to go to get a place to stay


16 non veterans  517 in 2016 people housed through coordinated assessment


Ian Fletcher  Cahps position October 1 at VOA in Veterans 



team meeting  meeting this afternoon  – youth bonus  VOA  – case management   CCH HOUSING PLACEMENT finalizing the survey




started coordinated assessment  over all group meets here at MHUW  building out the system  100 day planning work session for the pilot  January 1, 2017.


looking for input from families

INDIVIDUALS next community DESIGN TEAM IS OCT 6 at 12th and Federal 


Veterans losing Home Link the VA has no access to anything else.  397 active homeless people on the list significant decrease from beginning of the year.   over 4,000  people are in the VI-SPDAT SYSTEM  since 2014.  WE HAVE NO IDEA WHETHER PEOPLE HAVE FOUND ADEQUATE PERMANENT HOUSING IN THE MEAN TIME.


Resurveying them as this continues to see if there have been changes.  There is an update form.  They are moving to another platform for tracking data.


HOUSING SIDE  through this process  informing the housing development community about lack of affordable units  or options that are more creative that have diverse and far range of options


I predict that this situation of people being without a place to stay exacerbates as time goes on because there is not a strong strident and determined intention to make housing everyone a priority no matter what


JEFFERSON COUNTY  answered questions strategies  #’s characteristics what was attempted  what were the drawbacks and threats  as in a 


McDermitt is suggesting a forum  –  housing authorities communicate with people without a person who is on the streets.


TRAUMA CARE interventions with compassion and care  with regard for the person as a citizen as a person who is of value worth and receives respect.  LISTENING


homelessness is separated from housing for many people  climate and relationship to people who have nowhere to go.



depends on the person who is a case manager  METRO WEST is their own entity.  HOUSING AUTHORITY LOW-INCOME  interacting understanding


highlight the limits of the intervening entities of human services.

































Rebecca Mayer – organizer
randle loeb – creator
Jessica Stachler
Brittany Bell
•no esta 


Cold Weather Shelter

Information Sheet

Name and Location of Cold Weather Plan
Type of Shelter

(e.g. overflow beds, vouchers, church, etc.)

Contact Information

(please specify hours of service)

After Hours Contact Information

(please specify hours of service)

Population Served

(e.g. single women, families with children, couples, only residents of a certain city or county, etc.)

Protocol for Activating           (e.g.  must be below 32 degrees, open every day from Oct-March or open intermittently)
Eligibility Criteria for Clients
Other Services Offered          (e.g. meals, showers, transportation)
Process for Accessing Shelter

(where to call, where and when to show-up, etc.)

Length of Stay Allowed




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