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A Faint Heart – Nothing Left

September 26, 2016

A Faint Heart – Nothing Left


A child’s life filled with maggots a garbage meal.
Compliments of the necessity to eat meat.
Watching other companions, hung to kill
Dead sick in a heap  putrid standing water thrown in with  chicken fodder.
The Earth is giving out to where it is skin and bones.
This is done  to all who toil and languish in throes of poverty
2,000 dying a shocking indictment
Ebbing my only earth like a sore that is a pestilent
Life on flat earth, we can see but once  – then  without seeing we grope for air
living on a trapped, dying  deserted island  in a cave, providing misery as standard fare
Food for starving children and another and another and another still
Hundreds of thousands of years.  refuse of cruel abuse. Why is it that this does not stop?
Ebbs my  earth, wishing that I didn’t know you  for so long –  cruel –  full of vain glory

sputtering coughing jags  born in one’s chest  – removing the will to carry on, carry on,  carry on

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