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BALLOT ISSUES FOR NOVEMBER 8 ELECTION – Fall Forum: CSLC Colorado Social Legislative Committee October 2016

October 5, 2016

BALLOT ISSUES FOR NOVEMBER 8 ELECTION – Fall Forum: CSLC Colorado Social Legislative Committee October 2016

  • Colorado Social Legislation Committee
  • League of Women Voters of Colorado – Toni Larson 


ballot issues and candidates  88%  on web site  of League of Women Voters –  


4:00 – 4:30     Check In, Visit Information Tables, Refreshments

4:30- 4:35       Welcome and Acknowledgements Chaer Robert for CSLC

4:35- 4:40        Welcome and Forum Format Toni Larson for LWV



4:40 – 4:55       Statewide Universal Health Care – Amendment 69  affordable health care  governing board  waivers exchange 

  • Pro:  ColoradoCare  Dr. Richard Beezer – emergency physicians    delivering healthcare  is the issue  –  affordable Care act   1/3 million no insurance and another 1/3 with inadequate health insurance  financing is the nitty-gritty issue  medical ration 20%  administrative costs.  interim board  7 districts throughout Colorado  elected  comprehensive care  – payments from your income  6.7%  employers   –  3.6%  employee
    • Con: Matt  Derrington, Coloradans for Coloradans: No on Amendment 69  10% non payable tax  25 billion costs assessments  social security  11 pages of issues  –  board will decide what goes on with how it works.  amendment locks in the decision.

4:55 – 5:10       Raising the State Minimum Wage – Amendment 70

  • Pro: Rich Jones, Colorado Families for a Fair Wage  9 to 5  ain’t present  
  • Con: Keep Colorado Working  huh?  no one against    I wonder why?  ridiculous     
  • less and less workers need to be in the work force how are people supposed to sustain themselves?

5:10 – 5:25       Medical Aid in Dying – Proposition 106

  • Pro: Brandi Alexander, Colorado End of Life Options  request voluntary  two times confirm mental competence  risk of dying medications  I wonder whether Kevorkian was ever allowed to live freely?  Oregon statute lasting for 2 decades Oregon Death with Dignity  – this was blown out of the way already what would make this different this time? Community Community Health Network  private and personal decision  –  option permitted  1,435 people did this NOT mercy killing and euthanasia 
  • Con: Carrie Ann Lucas , No on Proposition 106  COALITION  social justice  immunities for perpetrators  old people.  Doctors all make mistakes  –  anybody who has an incurable diagnosis.  broadly than the Washington and Oregon laws.

5:25 – 5:40      Additional Requirements to Amend State Constitution – Amendment 71  2% in each state senate district 55% does apply if you are repealing an existing provision it would continue to be 50%  70  initiatives  44 changed the constitution –  changing constitution  currently require a majority vote  proponent PAT STEADMAN:   how it works well now  we have the right of the initiative  statutory or amend the constitution  2/3 measures that we proposed  no extra effort to put your pet project in the constitution.  

  • Pro:  Raise the Bar  –   why not Elena?  PATRICK STEADMAN  is committed to this process.
  • Con: Elena Nunez, Common Cause open  process  amendment 27  finance restrictions 

5:40  — 5:55     Raise the Tobacco Tax – Amendment 72  it should be $25.00 a pack

  • Pro: Dr. Debby Dyer from the National Jewish Lung Cancer Task  81%  45,000  annually die  1.1 billion for medical costs in Colorado   –  raise tobacco tax .84  to 2.85  a pack.   @10%  will decrease youth 5 to 7%   trauma actually is one of the leading reasons that children smoke at all.  revenue would be used for health related issues.
  • Con: Karen Crummy  –  R U KIDDING!  $315,000,000  increase annually  money goes to other programs
  • 1 billion tobacco tax settlement –  

5:55 – 6:10     Unaffiliated Voters in Primaries – Proposition 108

  • Pro: Kent Thiry, Chairman of Let Colorado Vote  –   can be amended   
  • Con: Corky Kyle  –  why would we not want to change all of this malarkey ?  anyone can go and vote and make a declaration and change it all once you leave the polls  –  primaries every other year unaffiliated voters are not connected to the party system.

6:10 – 6:25   Restoration of the Presidential Primary – Proposition 107  we are not torpedoing the caucus process why NOT?  it is a joke.

  • Pro: Kent Thiry, Chairman of Let Colorado Vote
  • Con: Corky Kyle  chanel 9  debate

  vast # of political parties  really  what are they?  


First Unitarian Society of Denver

Bell Policy Center

Colorado Center on Law and Policy

Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved

Colorado Common Cause

Colorado Council of Churches

Colorado Nonprofit Association

Colorado Senior Lobby

Count Me In

Denver Urban Matters ( DenUM)

Hunger Free Colorado

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

League of Women Voters of Colorado

Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of Colorado


2016 Ballot  Issues Forum Planning Committee:


Kay Bengston, Colorado Social Legislation Committee

Caroline Fry, Colorado Common Cause

Kris Grant, Colorado Center on Law and Policy

Toni Larson, League of Women Voters of Colorado

Julia Leonard, League of Women Voters of Colorado

Chaer Robert , Colorado Center on Law and Policy

Peter Severson, Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of Colorado

Nan Morehead, Colorado Social Legislation Committee



4:30 Welcome on behalf of CSLC, CSLC brown bag /membership invitation, cosponsor acknowledgement, announcement of Campaign Committee information table , logics of evening………………….Chaer
4:35 Welcome on behalf of League of Women Voters; LWC election Resources, introduce ballot pamphlets, mention two referenda and SCFD tax are in guides, Format of event

o             #69                                                           ColoradoCare (4:40-4:55)- Toni introduces speakers and description
o             #70                                                           Minimum Wage (4:55-5:10)- Toni introduces speakers and description
o             #71                                                            Medical Assistance in Dying (5:10-5:25)- Toni introduces
o                                                                                Raise the Bar (5:25-5:40)- Chaer introduces speakers and describes
o                                                                                Cigarette Tax (5:40- 5:55) –Chaer introduces and describes
•                                                                                 Primary for Unaffiliated voters(5:55-6:10)- Chaer introduces

·                                                                                 Presidential Primary Restoration(6:10-6:25)- Chaer introduces
                                                                                 Minimum wage is attached (comes from Elaine Olson, LWV Jeffco)

                                                                                  Amendment T, Servitude is below (comes from Deb Armbruster, LWV Arapahoe/Douglas


Sponsors of SCR16-006  referring this measure to the voters – Sen. Jessie Ulibarri (D-Westminster), Rep. Jovan Melton (D-Denver) and Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Denver)

Together Colorado; a non-partisan, faith-based community organization (<>)

No Slavery, No Excuses  (No contact information found for this organization)

Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance (<>)

No organized opposition could be found at this printing.

Checking the Lyn Bartels Twitter Feed, what we have so far (Today at 3:00 was the deadline) is:

1.       Colorado Care – Already Certified

2.       Minimum Wage- Over 200,000 signatures submitted a couple weeks ago

3.       Tobacco TaX – About 160,000 signatures submitted today

4.       Primary –unaffiliated can vote

5.       Reinstitute Presidential Primary

6.       Two anti fracking measures petitions submitted today

We also were contact by the Scientific & Cultural District ( regional) reauthorization.  Traditional we had only had speakers on Statewide measures, but offer to local measures free information table and interaction.

Julie Leonard
Executive Director

League of Women Voters of Colorado
League of Women Voters of Colorado Education Fund

1410 Grant St, Ste B204
Denver, CO 80203
We are ending the program at 6:30 so that people can get home in time to watch the 7:00 p.m. Kaine/Pence debate.


Seki (Shekky) is the building and grounds manager at Augustana.  He is great and very cooperative and easy to work with.  He’ll do what you ask.  I know because my husband was a pastor there and  we are members there. 

I’ve confirmed with Augustana that arriving at 3:30 is fine, and the tables should already be set up. See you this afternoon,

 Kay Bengston                            <>

Nancy Morehead                       <>,

Peter Severson                           <>
 Chaer Robert                             <>,

LWVCO                                          <>,”               <>,” <>,

Chip Spreyer                                <>,

Chris Hinds                                  <>,

Dave Delay                                    <>,

Diane Rich                                    <>,

Doug Wayland                              <>,

Elena Nunez                                 <>,

Hal Wright                                    <>,

Jennifer Corrigan                      <>,

Kristopher Grant                       <>,

Lauren Schreier                         <>,

Randle Loeb                                <>,

Toni Larson                                <>,”   <>

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