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An Unyielding Unsettled Threat of Ultimate Moments of Broken Arrows and Lies

October 6, 2016

An Unyielding Unsettled Threat of Ultimate Moments of Broken Arrows and Lies 


Quenching Thirst Never Never More  Pursued until whatever time and place I am broken down

troubles come and go with the seasons that pass leaving me breathless spent gasping for air

lying down is useless when you cough and sputter and cannot restore the health that once was common 

there is no way to keep up on the road to inevitable ends one simply stalls and waits until the energy flows 

crawling back at times even bending down can be debilitating and leave you afraid that your life may end at once

here and now

You arrive desperately wondering whether you can return climb the stairs get in bed relax in a deep sleep you wish

you could remain in this deep comatose state until you were recharged and rested

There is an uneasy feeling that there is never going to be a common place to sit and feel alright

you know that your days are numbered by the diminishing light

on frozen ground that cannot buffer the aches and blows of a life time spent in inextricable lock down on the floor 

a desolate barren place that holds no hope of safety warmth or permanence

there is only this one refrain this steady falling away of your senses reflecting on what had been easily cared for accomplished 

finished you sit with your back against a wall wondering whether this is the last the very last memory of a promising life when you were born

that has veered precipitously down a gorge into the great dark swamp that will cover you and swallow you whole leaving no trace 

you once were brand new and fulfilled.

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