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IS THERE A GLIMMER OF HOPE FOR ALL AT ALL? more more more more more more more more more and yet more

October 9, 2016



more more more more more more more more more and yet more



for most there is not enough  but for us there is an unquenchable thirst for consumption destroying the world even in space

in between under and beneath in our hearts  there is a foul brood that sees that we have no end to our greed to possess   control condemn diminish to freely trample the rights and privileges of all life, all animate and inanimate beings that have been present long before we exhaled and alighted on this ground where we command a promontory over all that is


What chutzpah consumes us that we have felt proudly that we have the right to live in this bubble where we have no grace no feeling aside from nihilism living as though this is the last day of our lives


we are consumed with pride for what we have what we own what we can flash and pursue without any question that we are justified


the tragedy is that these practices have been played out by rich and poor alike.  There is a lack of grounding in simplicity that our presence is a sacred gift.  instead we consume our thoughts with butchery of the animals and removal of all of the forests, of devastation of this world with the conceit that we have a right to proceed to the next world and enact the same damned scenario of corrupt spirit.



this is our only hope our only prayer  our only opportunity to live without destroying everything else  to be as simple in our fears and aspirations and our intention to dominate in learning instead of acting to be still to be present to still the rage within our spirit to listen to the heart  filling our every breath with compassion with kindness with a universal longing of the human spirit for everlasting connection to every breathing being and every space that separates us to be fulfilled with reconciliation and  being grounded in love


by way of both forgiveness and compassion for all else everywhere we walk we touch we sense that there is another no matter what or how that being is blessed, aware or cursed  we are all here in this sense of longing for a hearth and home for the heart

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