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A shard

October 10, 2016


A shard 

50 60 70 years pass resolutely with expectant health conviction focus resolve fulfilling purpose for some

others sputter emerge precariously and wince at the sense of longing for what those fortunate enough to have a place 

a sense that their lives are safe and bound to fulfill an unseen vow of success where there is patience acceptance expectant that dreams are real will be achieved will be honored where there are commitments to being valued

for many there is a sense of  fragile strident waiting to rise above the chill night air that suffocates stymies creative impulses to find a

place to dwell in safe secure unfettered rhythm of undying light

there are those who suffer from the indignity of almost always being out alone on a divide between reason and mental turpitude

there is a feeling of being in a place that is forbidden for any of us to go where it is usual to lose your way your mind your facility to understand what to do where to go who to trust

there dichotomies leave me reeling from the deafening noise the din the dirt and dust that settles within leaving you hoarse and gasping for air for any place that is safe or that feels private protected sustaining

there is usually nowhere to turn and no one to hold and comfort me when at last I give in and simply lie down wherever I happen to be 

close my eyes forget even when there are haunting memories that creep in even when I am alone and no one in the way to bother me anon

Question – how long is enough to cherish life to cling to expectation to dwell here when you sense inside that I am not welcome a keepsake discarded 

a shard shaved off to lose dead weight or that does not fit?

I am careful to share only what is needed and let others be to dare to love me




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