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Accountable Life Given With Passion and Love – Taken With Passion and Love

October 11, 2016

Accountable Life Given With Passion and Love – Taken With Passion and Love

I saw Clarence whose mind is skipping stones and lives in an alternate universe.
I have a family that believes I somehow don’t exist.
Many of the people I once knew early in my life have walked off the stage we played on both by loss of life and relationship with me.
YET, I am vital, I read, I study, I enjoy solitude. I love to study, to talk to different people, to show passion and challenge conventions as I was educated by my mother.
I have never liked being alone but as Vincent always led and shared with me, “I have no regrets.”  
I am fulfilled even without the attributes of health and wealth and prestige.  I have been active all this time despite many obstacles.
In many ways, who could be more blessed despite the ravages of a tired out torso?  
When I was a kid I often was paralyzed with fear that I would live out my life-like Clarence, sheltered without any way to clearly understand what was going on or respond to my passion. Now I realize that Clarence has once again shown me that diminished spirit, mental capacity and health does not end one’s being blessed.  
When I sit with him and he is asleep I feel honored to simply be still and listen. My body is weaker in ways and stronger in intention.
The doctor who I see regularly holds hope for mending my body, the heart and the irregularities.  As a chaplain I see that this is a distinct perspective from my training, that says, “that where there is no cure this is still a finite gift to be savored.”  
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