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CO2 Levels Rising to Extinction of All Except Most Basic Life Forms

October 11, 2016

On CO2 levels rising and the impact of this on life as it is generally assumed will continue indefinitely. If Life has a beginning and end certainly the atmosphere and the rest of the 4 directions are vulnerable. We assume that we are invincible when in fact we have crawled out from being a speck of living amino acids. We’re precariously living on the edge. We always have been in this situation. What makes this montage deafening is the intention of affluent business people to populate space, Mars, space stations with those who can afford to exit. For almost everything there is no exit. One of the principle proponents of occupying space says that most of the people who are pioneers will be exposed to high risks of dying. There is a desire to proceed with sending 100 people a shuttle outwards by the middle of the century to the end point of a million people surviving. If this comes to pass we’re extinct here on earth.


Our Lives were not a choice but a gift we were born not as masters but as blessed servants in the midst of paradise.  What led us to revere our special place in the universe cannot be understood except as a grave misunderstanding of our role as beings on common ground with all that exists.  We have discerned that our spiritual being is the center of all life and that everything always revolves around us.  The opposite is accurate.  We are a poor player an infinitesimal speck of dust in the vast seas  of matter and dark matter that fill space.  Our lives have always hung in the balance to revere and feel no less than that this life is a miracle.

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