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Dream Catchers Dispelled Blurring Visions of Flight from Fears of Being Lost Out of Sight

October 11, 2016

Dream Catchers Dispelling Blurring Visions of Flight from fears of being lost Out of Sight  –   left alone creating a haven from the wind and rain 

coming winter storms that engulf a stranded wayfarer on a bench fast asleep under the blankets surrendered to the snow drifts wrapped around her feet her clothes sheltering her from the choking wind freezing  robbing her of her last refuge lasting through til morning rises refreshing frozen garments 

drying on the following day in the recesses of her bags there is a change of clothing to wear when she finds a place to stay

 to stave off the cold and damp that has penetrated her through and through  leaves her sputtering from cold that crept into her chest

she coughs weakly heaving from the pain of  breathing in and exhaling cold air that rises in a vapor around her covered head

she supplicates to gather strength to give in to grinding out a new day with grace and dignity that she has made it once more

to sit beside her and hold her 

wrapped around her shoulders with her head nestled against your shoulder 

 to murmur that you care 

that you feel her sorrow at being left out in the elements without a place to rest 

 in the morning to steady her 

make a way to go carry her things

 walk beside her 

keep her in your prayers

 revere her courage her will to care

 despite the many barriers for her to be safe 

gently caressed honored restored 

a promise to be hearkened  healed faced with loving arms and hands that behold her as a gift 

this is what we aim to provide

 a place for all to dwell-in 

to close a door to one’s home 

to love cherish her presence again as she perseveres through the seasons

 recalling when she had a home a place to provide sustenance to help others 

to be safe 

to be a matron of the household until her wizened head bent down

 where she was born 

she knew how this would always be

 her hallowed home


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