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feeling -0- gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr often -0- I know never dissipates -0-

October 23, 2016

feeling gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr often I know never dissipates


+-feeling gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr often I feel never dissipates


  everyone holds in clenched fists a hammer  a  sickle in ground down teeth stabbing pain in their heart a loss of self control a feeling of  

being unwanted unrequited love


Be still heart be still jaw  be not lost in fearful raging spirit


of loss upon loss losing whatever is left of meaning sense of breath choking   


stymied in every   presumption dissed  dismissed  relegated for a place of  obtuse  grist

of superfluous existence

of forgotten barrier reef  

devoid of any  spirit of will of meaning of memory

devoid of purpose

 numerals that don’t add up  

 nonsense language



always searching for the equation waking you from a slumber like Rip Van Winkle


startling jutting forth from darkest misery  of loss of  nowhere

of nihilism  


direlect spirit


floundering in a prison of constant tumult

 lavishing pain 


of lost promise  of  prickly thorns beneath bleeding finger nails


cannot comprehend  

 way of promises kept


of spent dazed forlorn life

never made any sense


leaving ferocious anger  recessed


forgetting what once we had become









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