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November 2, 2016


When we are far from home we cannot imagine what it is like to be alone seem to be in wilderness austere pervasive overwhelming doubt creeps beneath every crevice crack lost footing on dark forbidding ways stifling muffled breath rising in your parched throat

Few ever have an inkling about what this means how tenuous life becomes how constrained every movement lest you stumble and fall from a ledge to your untimely death

For many there is no escape from these perils that beset you every waking moment since your first breath for some these nightmares are only extinguished in final rest where nothing can catch you unaware

Never stirring again to disturb some unruly pest a waif left to fend for yourself as a gladiator in an arena with no bounds no chance no respite

IMAGINE if you will someone in throes of self-doubt of struggling of watchful pose like a sentinel without escape relief or trust of anything

Every murmur every echo every slicing current rips at your pulse takes away your worth dignity resilience your  ability to protect you from slings and sorrows that pile up and reappear every time a gaping hole is ruptured again

There is no way to separate anyone and this refrain that it is your fault that you choose is an insane banter of one who does not know or endure

AND yet, there are those who survive those who move on those who take care those who make a change no matter how slight to move on

This is fundamentally because of our courage and will it is due to deep love of those who shelter and support and bear these burdens that are left from early tender frail beginnings

Honor them they are all champions whether they have succumbed or persevere

Honor and cherish their gifts tenderly they came leaving their presence here

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