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Abandoned as Close as We Once were

November 17, 2016

they broke  they bled they were close and they would not converse not once see each other or hear their  pleas  they scorched the earth where they had been and gouged out and reflection of where they had been before  their attitude was pure brutal stark  their gift was abandoned memories of doubt fear or loathing  passages allowed acrimony to settle in the core of one’s heart to break the other down leaving him a fragile  grizzled shaft stuck in the desolate wind


and this is where they would remain throughout stony parched promontories jutting out beyond the tree line never again would they look on one another as brothers nor their families come to rest.  They had given up as much as all who abhor anything that is  abandoned for good.  Here we are galvanized with this stabbing pain that connects every sinew, fiber, gross bristling mark that robs us of breath.  We are on the way out and there will never be another place to stay again where anyone is embraced and welcomed as a friend.


Be gone then let us have the final dish  and remain here in solitude for  ever remaining on one’s own grounded down to hoarse grisled remnants of being alive and vital



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