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Annual Report of HUD on People Living in Public Places

November 19, 2016

Annual Report of HUD on People Living in Public Places  WISHFUL THINKING


ANNUALLY HUD  the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CLAIMS that everywhere and in every way that homeless people are less prevalent.



Interestingly the federal report came out as it does annually on this and every year it stands on the basis that every indicator says that homeless people have been reduced as much as 1/2 for veterans at the time I was skeptical and it is still as contrived. Statistics can be manipulated as one wishes and reports like this are not convincing based on what one sees throughout the nation in all major cities homeless people is the number one issue that confronts them as their highest priority how is that possible if we are such a great success in eliminating this horror which I experienced in the the 1990’s and throughout the beginning of 2000 through the first decade? Who is zooming who? In all of this time it has become progressively worse with 2008 being a watershed for homeless people especially families exploding.?

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