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A Prayer of Surrender for the Candle Light Vigil for Those Who Have Died Who Had No Where to Lie Down and Rest December 21 – The Longest Night

November 22, 2016

5:30 pm for the Candle Light Memorial Service on December 21, 2016 at the City and County Building of Denver  – a Prayer of Surrender


 When you were here and I fell down was left for lost until you found me






Remembering when you were here

I stumbled you found me when I had passed out

disappeared was lost from all touch

 how I wished that you were here still beside me

beside rushing waters absolving me of my aching heart

gasping for  air breathing into me

 a trembling bleeding heart

your courage to rise

regaining my balance my way caring for me as a sanctified gift from afar



It is quiet outside as the chill of the dark deep winter begins to hover over everything there is. 

 The world is descending into the earth. 

 There is a point when everything stops and remains frozen. 

 In this time sound is muffled. 

One feels the sense of dread and longing for a warm fire and company. 

There are many who have few places to go sit down sing gather together in preparation for the Winter Solstice that comes to the longest night. 

 In this time we bow down and remember those who have died who had to stay outside suffering indignities

suffering from the solitude snowy night

darkness that is impenetrable

 remember that once there was a home a place where each one belonged

 a person to whom one was connected throughout history

a bright glint of embers of a yule log ascending into the  frigid night reminding us of both how precious and vulnerable that everyone is reminding us of how we all  always in all ways are connected

 in the shelter of one another we all dwell

in this moment we’re stirred to hold one another to hold on and grasp hands around wastes

 sing dance move together in rhythms in circles of bonds that held us from the beginning. 

 We remember sitting together around a fire

 providing warmth as long as we snuggled in a loving embrace

held one another shoulder to shoulder

protecting all of us making sacred  compassion care a haven for all

 we all belong

 for all else that we are offered we give thanks

we remember that we are  infinitesimal glints in the reflecting of light throughout our firmament

 our touch is a brief memory that is implanted in our presence in the

we will always have a place

 we are born and thrust into the wilderness of yearning

 follows us always until we are free

 dissipating into  beyond

be heard from no more

Remembered in loving memory of

Bleeding hearts of your presence

As long as memory persists

We lift our eyes toward you

With adulation that you’re here

In our broken hearts

Randle Loeb


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