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ALONE STRIDENT IMMOVEABLE – Alone Defiantly Stoically Infuriatingly Strident Immoveable

November 23, 2016

Alone Defiantly  Stoically Infuriatingly Strident Immoveable

Being Alone Harrowing    Strident Immoveable


a ship that is grounded on a spit of land without clearance

listing to one side with the rising tide exposing all the rust


like   being tethered  over with a shroud

blocking all light

creaking in the wind gripping  against hull deck portals beached like a ragged sail


thrown about like a rag doll by currents that lift then slam down against the hulk of the bottom

lost  ground swell of indecision


Stop remain here as long as you’re able


be calm and focus


we all live in this terrible morass of shipwrecked dreams of being free


stand your ground    find your footing lift your stature to look toward future events on the horizon



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