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Addressing Homeless People Living in Public Places What Matters Most of All in Finding Common Ground

November 26, 2016

Addressing Homeless People Living in Public Places What Matters Most of All In Finding Common Ground


Where are the housing options encompassing the diverse finite interests of people of different circumstances in safe places? 

#2  Options have to be inclusive of places like Catholic Worker Housing, Bridgehouse transitional housing that includes work, training and leads to supportive services as an outcome.
#3  primary  mental and behavioral health based on trauma care and case management including outreach workers and peer mentors is integral to making change
#4 is transit whether it is a combined multi use type of bus pass and bicycles or some way to reduce the stress on making it to and from whatever endeavor that the person and family is attempting to do to survive
#5 motivational interviewing the people experiencing deep poverty and especially of their spirits or tolerance for ambiguity need choices and to make decisions that impact the quality of their lives.
#6 assessment practices that include those in public places must be consistent and continuous to tweak the possibilities of the people who are living on edge
#7  a one stop one access portal of entry into receiving services  which means that the people in this situation can easily find accommodations and rapid reentry into mainstream resources is a required outcome.
These are a few of the potential issues that preclude a right to rest from the point of making long-term changes in people’s lives.
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