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We Have Standing Rock and the Sand Creek Massacre – What We’re Doing Is Madness, a Disease that Threatens All Beings on Earth

November 26, 2016



We Have Standing Rock and the Sand Creek Massacre  what we are doing is madness it is a disease that threatens every being on earth

we HAVE Standing Rock and Sand Creek at this time of the year when we like to celebrate our blessings and yet, we have little to be thankful for in the wake of such discriminate violence toward people who were always here for whom we had no respect but to treat them as though they have been in a perpetual litany of armed aggression and genocide


when corporations are allowed to dictate basic living ultimate matters like the environment, water rights, protecting the earth from abuse and freely consciously take the lives of people who belong on the earth and all of the flora and fauna this is the 4 Horsemen that is our undoing and must be resisted and stopped in their tracks from causing further harm.  We will bear any burden, we will pay any price we will ride the tiger and overcome all odds for future generations –  from a cry in the wilderness
I know full well from my experiences sleeping on the street here in a moderate climate with no extreme confrontations that these are fiercely ultimate realities that everyone faces at Standing Rock. The areas around there are facing the same catastrophic conditions as anyone subjected to war.
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