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ACHY – Advisory Committee on Homeless Youth Annual Retreat 2016

November 29, 2016

ACHY – Advisory Committee on Homeless Youth Annual Retreat 2016

Cheryl Secorski,    2002   Jennifer, Julie –  Kristin Toombs, Derrick Chafee, Georgina, Kendall Rhames Urban Peak, 15 years, Audrey  Colo. Springs Urban Peak, Family Tree, 30 years, Tammy Division of Youth Corrections, Lauren VOA, Chris Nelson Attention Homes, Claire Attention Homes, Robin  Steve Griffin  1 Colorado, Homeless Youth,  Randle


  1. Ice Breaker/Team Builder

    1. Video and sign writing  X

    2. Its a Beautiful Day and I can’t See!
    3. We all live in the shelter of one another 
    4. It is in the shelter of one another that we all dwell
  2. ending homeless by 20202  rare brief and ending homeless as fast as possible



Point in Time base line for ending homelessness


INCREASE the BASELINE of who is homeless under 18 years of age


National Network for Youth

Grand Junction  where are the youth?  in secondary places not shelters


non state based count    –     count is useless


24, 000  youth who are homeless in Colorado at least

  1. Opening Doors and Guidebooks

  1. Youth Forum Recap

Federal Interagency Forum on Youth Homeless November 9  federal and state officials

youth panel


Barriers  real ideas young people were present 


day after the election  November 9


ACF  –  HUD working together


work as hard as we can across systems  runaway and youth homelessness  demonstrate NEED


I  WAS SO ILL  hereafter


refresh getting youth involved


Condensing the information that people were setting up as priorities


sending this out to everyone else  ask hold up work that is being done


HUD   bringing more youth focus into the CoC’s


Foster Care


  1. History/Legislation  – Dr. Franklin James  Colorado University  demographer  – SUMMER AND WINTER COUNTS WERE BOTH DONE as well as an unusual  State Count on homelessness

  2. written in statute in Colorado  –    created to accomplish these goals

    1. What is required per statute

    2. What ACHY has looked like

  1. What Should ACHY Be?  

    1. Goals (1 year/3 years-See Tool 7 of Systems Planning Guidebook)

 Host Homes   in each county safe haven
as well as reflecting on diversity of people are immigrants, trafficked, fleeing domestic violence, native Americans, people of color, single women with children,  anyone who is left out with no wrong door to get the help that the person needs and wishes for their lives at the time
  reverse forums of youth in all 64 counties 
McKenney –  Vento  1987
Office of Homeless Youth Services cannot lobby  but we can educate people
  1. Structure and Roles

    1. What are participants roles  committee  level awareness and inclusion  on dynamic issues such as mental illness

    2. Should we have workgroups  AMEN

    3. How often should we meet  the committees should be meeting all of the time

    4. Meeting date/time suggestions

    5. Who is missing  –  The Second Wind Fund

  2. group members who are chairs and secretaries and leading elements shared

NOTES ARE REQUIRED  archives  are indispensable

 outside the office of advisory committee
  1. Workgroup Suggestions

 CHAIRS  who Claire or Ken  meet with facilitator finalize agenda   track overall
fill in for the chair
SHHP  –   State Housing and Homeless Programs  at Fort Logan 
CHRIS ROE was engaged in this  and there was a secretary: 
Marilyn  was involved
Tracy D’Alanno:  created reports     data collection and analysis
produced minutes
QUARTERLY MEETINGS:  Google Document  –  submit suggestions by an X time and date
YEAR FOR YOUTH  more providers are excited in participating
Executive Committee
report out
    1. Planning/Data

      1. Youth Count

      2. Annual Report

      3. Legislative Updates

      4. Inventory/data tracking for local, state, national

      5. Identifying possible funds

        1. Youth Count Incentives

        2. Mileage for meetings

        3. November

    2. Crisis/Ongoing services

      1. Mental Health

      2. Health Care Access

      3. Drop In Centers

      4. Legal Help Access

      5. Trafficking

    3. Prevention

      1. Discharge Planning

      2. Assistance for youth not meeting specific eligibility

    4. Youth Development

      1. Education

      2. Employment

      3. Family Reunification

      4. Permanent Connections to Community

      5. Civic Engagement

      6. Social Emotional Wellbeing

    5. Outreach/November

    6. Housing Development

      1. Permanent Supportive Housing Options

      2. Pathways Toolkit

    7. Regional groups

      1. Does this make sense?

    8. HYDP

      1. If a community is awarded, how can ACHY be supportive?

Opening Doors and Guidebooks
Youth Forum Recap
What is required per statute
What ACHY has looked like
What Should ACHY Be?  
Goals (1 year/3 years-See Tool 7 of Systems Planning Guidebook)
Structure and Roles
What are participants roles
Should we have workgroups
How often should we meet
Meeting date/time suggestions
Who is missing
Workgroup Suggestions
Youth Count
Annual Report
Legislative Updates
Inventory/data tracking for local, state, national
Identifying possible funds
Youth Count Incentives
Mileage for meetings
Crisis/Ongoing services
Mental Health
Health Care Access
Drop In Centers
Legal Help Access
Discharge Planning
Assistance for youth not meeting specific eligibility
Youth Development
Family Reunification
Permanent Connections to Community
Civic Engagement
Social Emotional Wellbeing
Housing Development
Permanent Supportive Housing Options
Pathways Toolkit
Regional groups
Does this make sense?
If a community is awarded, how can ACHY be supportive?



YTP Youth Training Programs

Division of Housing DOLA Division of Local Affairs

Cheryl   Secorski    –   Andy’s mentor  TGIS




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