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Commission to End Homelessness December 2016 End of Time

November 29, 2016

Commission to End People Living in Public Places   2016  end of the year

“(” <>,
Andrew Feinstein <>,
–   Brad Meuli <>,
“Brooks, Albus – City Council District 9” <>,
Carrie Atiyeh <>,
Cheryl Haggstrom <>,
Christine Benero <>,
–   “Conner, Christopher N – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
“Crews, Renee L – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
Debra Gray <>,
Don Burnes <>,
Doug Hock <>,
–   “Duerson, Morina E. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
“Garland, Joshua J – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
Gary Sanford <>,
Geoff Bennett <>,
“Graves, Anthony E. – Operations & Communications” <>,
–    “Huerter, Regina M. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
Ismael Guerrero <>,
–    John Parvensky <>,
“Kate Barton (” <>,
Kim Easton <>,
Leanne Wheeler <>,
Lindi Sinton <>,
—-“Luper, Jon – DHS” <>,
“Mares, Donald J. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
Mark Trast <>,
–   “Milliner, Bennie L. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
“Munson, Dawn L. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
“Zohari, Nachshon – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
—-“Nelson, Angela M. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
“Ortega, Deborah L. – City Council” <>,
–    Randle Loeb <>,
Richard Scharf <>,
Rick Barnes <>,
“Kniech, Robin L. – City Council” <>,
—     Roger Armstrong <>,
—-  “Saunier, Ronald – DPD” <>,
Tami Door <>,
Terrell Curtis <>,
—–Tom Luehrs <>,
Victoria McVicker <>,
“New, Wayne C. – City Council” <>
cc: Sanchez, Valerie Y. – Mayor’s Office” <>

There is some confusion concerning the scheduled November meeting of the Commission.  Normally the November meeting is reset in September due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Since we did not meet in September that did not occur, leading to the confusion on meeting date. The Commission meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 29, 2015, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Denver Human Services, Castro Building to provide information and discussion concerning the challenges surrounding the encampments and encumbrance removal actions this month. 


Some of you have indicated non availability to attend on the 29th.  To accommodate those in that situation and to provide additional updates on clean-up efforts, the Office of HOPE and discussion of what potential future configurations the Commission might take, an additional meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 2016 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Location TBD.   


The last several months have been a bit of an unsettled period for the Commission.  Some of you have expressed frustration with the unsettled situation.  We at Denver’s Road Home and the City recognize this frustration and are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.  We had hoped to be able to bring information concerning the Office of HOPE to begin moving us toward discussion of future delivery of homeless services and housing.  The ongoing selection process for the director of the Office of HOPE has moved slower than expected, however getting the right outcome is more important than a speedy outcome.


Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of our vulnerable residents.  Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving holiday.




Bennie L. Milliner | Executive Director Denver’s Road Home/Denver Department of Human Service | City and County of Denver P: 720-944-2508 |

December 13  meeting at 3  at the Human Services Building   12th and Federal  –  in 2 weeks


No Quorum

Jon Luper :  Economic program for DRH

Ethan Hemming  –  Warren Village

Keegan Kuhlman  Employment committee

Ron Saunier:  District #6 Police Commander

Mayor’s Office  Eban Dreyer

there is nothing else on the agenda except  people who have nowhere to go and being asked to remove their things from public places


Brad Meuli and Tom Luehrs are speaking  –  providing more places to live  acceleration

900 units of housing annually  CCH 250 units of housing  –  Social Impact Bonds  –  SIB 

Governor’s office asking for additional funds for families and people who have no housing


Safe House Committee


Deb Grey made a presentation on units for 2017 – 2018  1,700 units of dedicated housing stock


families singles couples people who have special needs  being housed


John Parvensky:  safe place to be “SWEEPS,”  as he calls them.   He is asking about short term solutions of housing for sheltering and options that are diverse  shelter beds on line when and where will these come on line  broader city plan using  resources for emergency housing and short term housing

7th avenue housing

MODEL of Denver Rescue Mission 38th and Holly location  environmental concerns


template has not been laid out as of this moment  design project for those spaaces  takes time  which people living in public places do not have time for 




engaging the providers engaging the greater community


2 day 4 hour work shops 7th and 16th  of December for design


Tom Luehrs:


“Sweeps”  close to St. Francis Center.  VULNERABLE PEOPLE in that group  some returned and are selling and doing drugs,  stay out challenging to work this out  we could do a better job

TUG OF WAR back and forth  all clear right now because of the weather.


Drug Dealers keep using the vulnerable people as a shield


BETTER APPROACH:  camps can only be a certain size,  inviting people to clean up and help keep the sites neat and orderly


alternative offered  some other ideas


Citation took the tent  took my blanket wrote two citations


drug addicts  shrimper in ocean back surgeries  disabled  loved to work  move people corner to corner  December 28 court date


let us be free  let us have a place to pitch a tent we don’t get no rest anyway.


homeless people are fixin to retaliate

Not going to leave won’t put myself in harm’s way  27th and Arapahoe  cleaned every single day  yesterday I was moved off the site  bone structure disappearing I was in the marine corps.  degenerative bone disease  people are not going to move  crawled out of my tent to move I was cited stand in the cold all day  court house blankets were taken away.  every time I see my stuff taken away I am not in a shelter  empty parks keep it decent  you have to be in the  shelter

safe place that you can stay until houses are built  I was given a voucher

did not work on March 8 and it will not work this time either.  close together like sardine cans


someone trying to play GOD I got to pay a bill back I had a VASH voucher and I cannot pay the bills I ain’t got nothing to lose.


I  am not going VA Hospital for something that could have been avoided 


“Get the hell out of my city”    I will organize I would rather die for something than live for nothing


embedded in the camps for the last year  these people have no options  from people living in public places


MAYOR responsible  Mr. Dreyer  3 miscarriage this week twins  I am father of twins  I hold  you responsible for this miscarriage of justice


Ronald Sauniers position   sent into jail 16 hours  targeted followed by police 

Rescue Mission and Salvation Army  are transgendered they cannot get into your shelters  do not go on that 18″ line for being across the line


Urban Land Conservancy to make lands available for camps   CIRC housing


authorized or not Eban Dreyer


Many with good will  desperate need of housing


survival dependent on community split people apart


life threatening



leading to deaths

astronomical rates of deaths especially with the way that the property is being taken


illegal to have a cardboard under you a blanket over you no cover over you   9-4  council to turn this ban away  at least suspend the camping ban for 6 months so people can survive this winter.


67 year old veteran  woman lived with me  stabbed me police arrested me

choking the woman who was in the place

protocol  secured weapon

problem is racist police arrested over 100 times  the reason I was arrested for the color of my skin


racist thing starts right here  put someone in jail because they are there.


How would a white person feel about all of this?


employee of Walmart  left DV relationship  on streets make more than minimum wage  I left this violent relationship  no criminal record  cited for trespassing


$325 a week for motel  hit up food banks take everything I could not survive  giving soup out on her way to library.  I am SLO  born and raised here in Denver  –  MIA   

You have to make twice the rent without a warm place to sleep


Mental Health therapy  that is all  I call everyday  I sleep under a bridge


observing last night it was armed guards around Samaritan House  people are patrolling the line  catch 20 cars going around  no trash receptacles.  two at Denver Rescue Mission  trash everywhere.   Where can you use a bathroom  at midnight  make a portable potty  and a



blanket and tent removed


planning around issues:  pace and process planners like to deliberate community inclusion health safety  1 things around planning can get lost in the process


DESTROYS COMMUNITY   like Oliver Twist the  Beggar’s Society of abuse of people in poverty


informal settlements  allowing shanty towns  people living in public places


trickled down care because of this urgent reality  creatively  doing things that are not ideal

informality  how to do things  not that hard  assuming that there are unworkable issues


reduce the number of deaths that are going to happen here

27th and Arapahoe Streets


we help the neighbors we build a rapport with them

other 16 members who are living over there take over everything


we’re not out here getting something for free we are taking responsibility


everything belongs to Him  not yours it belongs to  __________

take care of each other and the earth we do not have compassion  we don’t care for one another


Brad Meuli  in the Westword  article written a few weeks ago.


Y’all don’t get it  not time



get mad at each other because of the color of our skin


diversity of colors in the heavens and all around  difference of colors and lights and we are treating each other poorly.


You might be there tomorrow  I cannot stay in no shelter anymore


all of this money being spent on moving people along


painting a picture of adversity that is utter nonsense


keep on speaking  have a lot of friends who we ae talking put in a place that people do not understand  it is not the police we talk it is not the police’s failure


stood on a street corner  100 people near Rescue Mission City not raise expectations  this has turned into immediate tragic problem for the City of Denver  purpose of this winter  people begin to get their lives in order  Denver Housing Authority  work together  wonl;t be the long range plan deal with immediate tragic catastrophe.  let’s do them now 




we  don’t want to punish people need a space to camp out  other solutions  not in a crowded shelters

faith communities can respond to this like Mennonite Church

Downtown Business District  Denver one of the worst cities in the country

ALBUS BROOKS Looking at this feed that was made by Mr.

national leaders flying into Denver next month  national syndicates  worst public relations nightmare that we have ever had

homeless working day job they can be hired like Albuquerque 

St. Benedict Park  large place for bathrooms


hear from anyone on this commission




Tom Luehrs  good to hear what you had to say.  solutions we need to keep hearing and seeing them  respect for one another  if we can work together continue to work together  St. Francis working for solutions


ETHAN solution focus from my perspective raise $  take cadre of our community


costs  clearly the city Piton foundation  – 


not the right place to bring this message


Parvensky comments and concerns


safe place to be


criminalize our way out of this law enforcement cannot solve these matters


baffling for me frustrating for me stuck in mud spinning wheels not making progress  faced with this reality.


question asked here  –  those who have been on the streets  seen a different character in our city total lack of regard of public spaces


more violence and assaults




help us come to a conclusion of what we can do with violent aggressive individuals


self policing encampments


two years 13 people died 4 on street world wide

you have to have some kind of control


we do not want people denying our safety


confined place a space we have to fight for this everyday  inside gated community we can dictate what goes on


I want a safe place for myself


pointed in my face  hold people accountable



it is about US


we get a little loud


yellow line around of Samaritan House


we need to respect that  masks scaring people who live in this   program administrator  86ed people  call shelter person not restricted


refer to people into guests like Catholic Worker       House  resolve issues  behavioral  issues trans  GLBT  or don’t like them  we will not stand for this discrimination.


anti-discrimination office treated differently


  7  of December  Outreach court  take place every other Wednesday


not for misdemeanors city municipal tickets  trying to get people in context ticket you have to go downtown you have to go through the conventional court system.


Tuesday night Stout Street Medical Van   4 to 7  pm primary care  every single TUESDAY NIGHT  at Lawrence Street Mission


Eban Dreyer thank you for sharing your personal experiences


looking for solutions healthy  no one outside






















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