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CCH Board Meeting December 2016

December 2, 2016

RABBITS  to all and to all a good night  May this year ahead be the brightest in both the beauty and grace  you feel and cherish. May we all take care unto that good night.  Winter Solstice is but three weeks from today.  The Longest Night.

Candlelight Memorial Service Wednesday December 21 5:30p

– Join Us for a Remembrance Vigil at the City and County Building of Denver. This special remembrance is for those who have died who have been without a safe place to lie down and rest.


A Prayer of Surrender from Randle Here

Conner, Christopher N – HS Office of Community Impact <>
Date: Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Shelter expansion–adult men
To: # SFTY Comm Center Supervisors <>, “Buschy, Gregory – DPD” <>, “Calo, Cmdr. Mike W. – Police Department” <>, “Castro, Steven M. – EH Medical Examiner Division” <>, “Clark, Matthew – DPD” <>, “Dodge, Magen – DPD” <>, “Drajem, Mark – DPD” <>, “Edling, Kevin – DPD” <>, “Fleecs, Mark – DPD” <>, “Franssen, Ernest – DPD” <>, “Gallawa, Tony A. – Police Department” <>, “Lesnansky, Shelly – DPD” <>, “Lopez, Tony Cmdr – DPD” <>, “Mahr, Glenn – DPD” <>, “Martinez, Anthony Sgt. – DPD” <>, “Montoya, Joseph – DPD” <>, “Nagle, William – DPD” <>, “Pazen, Paul – DPD” <>, “Perry, Les – DPD” <>, “Phelan, Patrick – DPD” <>, “Quinones, David, Chief – DPD” <>, “Saunier, Ronald – DPD” <>, “Thomas, Ron E. – Police Department” <>, “Williams, Patricia G. – OEM” <>, “Wyatt, Michael – DPD” <>, “(” <>, 211 Colorado <>, “Alexander, Lanceferd L. L. – DSD” <>, Alicia Aguilar <>, Alix Midgley <>, Aliza Asocar <>, “Allen, Marv R. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>, Allie Card <>, Allison Watson <>, Andrea Mitchell <>, Angel Hurtado <>, “Nelson, Angela M. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>, Anna Aragon <>, Anna Lee <>, “Arellano, Kenneth F. – DWD Workforce” <>, Aubrey Payne <>, “Audo, Kevin M. – DPD” <>, “Milliner, Bennie L. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>, Bille Gene <>, “Brad Meuli (” <>, “” <>, Briana Smith <>, Brunetti Lofts – Kirsten Strietzel <>, Bryce Holland <>, Carol Robinson <>, “Carolyn Moreno (” <>, “Conner, Christopher N – HS Office of Community Impact” <>, Chris Venable <>, Christopher Madsen <>, Chuck Lortie <>, Cindy Ramirez <>, “Tatro, Constance H. – Community Outreach and Resourc” <>, “Craven, Ligeia – DPD” <>, Daniel Horsey <>, Debbie Winans <>, “Debra Brunner (” <>, “Debra Butte (” <>, “Debra Gray (” <>, “Dezell, Julie” <>, “” <>, Donna Rauen <>, Elisabeth <>, Elissa Hardy <>, Ella Blowers <>, Erma McCalister <>, Ernie Hernandez <>, Fermin Avila <>, “Fischer, Richard R.- DPD” <>, “Fuller, Nicole Y. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>, “Galvan, Stacey – Community Outreach and Resourc” <>, “Geoff Bennett (” <>, “” <>, Heather Beck <>, Henry Concha <>, Iain Wilson <>, Ian Snyder <>, Jacob Wessley <>, Janice Burns-Clerkley <>, Jay Rezska <>, Jeanne Newland <>, Jenette Jamison <>, Jessica Holmes <>, Jody Curl <>, Joel Levitt <>, Joey Guynn <>, John Moorhead <>, Jolynn Snyder <>, “Luper, Jon – DHS” <>, Joseph Edwards <>, Josh Geppelt <>, Joy Waughtal <>, Kathryn Chaney <>, Kelly Menegocci <>, Kelly Smith <>, Kendall Rames <>, “” <>, “Kortman, Pamela K. – Community Outreach and Resourc” <>, Kristie Bramley <>, “” <>, laurel tawresey <>, LeeAnn Felder <>, Lenny Ford <>, “” <>, Lindi Sinton <>, “McLaws, Lisa Y. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>, Lisa Raville <>, Lisa Wheeler <>, Mandy Garman <>, Marcus Weaver <>, Marissa VanDover <>, “Mark Wright (” <>, Marsha Carey <>, Mary Mish <>, Matt at TGP <>, Megan Weaver <>, “Meiers, Thomas J. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>, Melinda Patterson <>, “Munoz, Lisana D. – Community Outreach and Resourc” <>, Nancy Peters <>, Natalie Hicks <>, Nichole Garrard <>, “Niemela, Dana L. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>, Niko Medina <>, “Parks, Robert – DPD” <>, People’s Advocacy Council <>, Rachael Sheaffer <>, Rachel Penn <>, Rafael Vega <>, Randle Loeb <>, Rebecca Wiman <>, Robert Schoenberg <>, Ruby Purdy <>, “Grier, Samuel B.- DPD” <>, Sarah Kinzer <>, Sarah Newell <>, Shawna Miller <>, Sonja Dahmer <>, Sophia Lawson <>, Stacey Moslet <>, Stephanie Meadows <>, “Suzanne Wilson (” <>, “” <>, tammy s bellofatto <>, “” <>, Tom Luehrs <>, Tracy Brooks <>, “” <>, “Villalobos, Jesus A. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>, “Lombardi, Vincent – DPD” <>, “Williams, Lynn L. – Community Outreach and Resourc” <>, “Yates, David A. – Community Outreach and Resourc” <>
Cc: “Dreyer, Evan F. – Mayor’s Office” <>, “Milliner, Bennie L. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>, “Luper, Jon – DHS” <>, “Jaeckel, Tyler – Office of the CFO” <>

$18 million from Tobacco Tax Settlement from Governor’s Budget for housing for people who have no place to dwell  – shelters were excluded and other emergency services but they claim that there will be another source of funding for this allocation.  They have more Pot funds then they have in the past.  eligible use of the funds is impactful more than education which this being more 


FORT LYON  JVC  another 2 years of funding


HOUSING COOPERATIVES other innovative housing options  not a lot of financial contributions for the indigent 


ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY PARTNERS publication on housing and health  write up on Stout Street Health Center.  Northern Trust supportive housing trust fund  strategic investment of funding  jump on a property would be helpful through flexibility  and line up another property


Head of Colorado Health Foundation  a number of investors  United Health Care  Kaiser housing food security  Central City Concern  in Portland   5  health care  providers working together.  


executed lease with BOURBON GRILL  $33,000.00 annually  four months to recreate the space in their way.


6 years of 


North Colorado Station closed the financing on CHFA Colorado Housing Finance Authority.  Final equity installments from US BANK pay down the funding amount to over all 1 million dollars won’t show as extra revenue


DOWNTOWN LOFTS on tract.  1 last piece of financing  San Francisco Home Loan Bank meets their structure of what they want for security.  Creating a condominium once 6 stories are created


XENIA Village Apartments resident died in FIRE BALL  damage confined to the unit near Aurora.  Not the first fire there have been 5 of them this year.


RISK MANAGEMENT  turn on stove and then pass out causing fires and then the case is ignored.


other 4 fires  mostly stove caused subsidy  meth lab fire drug use.


Social Impact Bonds   65 people have been housed  goal is 85 by year’s end   185 bu the next year as Downtown Lofts come on line.  Program manager for the second Social Impact Bond team.



We have expanded shelter capacity for men at the Peoria overflow location and added additional transportation to the site in the evening, and back in the morning.  This expansion is ongoing with no finite end date anticipated.  Protocols for accessing shelter will remain the same with the following inclusions:


  • An additional bus will deliver two consecutive transports of men from Salvation Army Crossroads (1901 29th St.) starting at 6:30p.  These transports are in addition to the transports staged and coordinated nightly from Denver Rescue Mission’s Lawrence St. Center starting at 7  p.m.


  • All morning return trips for men will arrive at the Lawrence Street Center.  No busses will arrive to Salvation Army Crossroads in the morning.


  • An additional hall has been opened at Peoria to accommodate additional men.  We have also increased staffing by Denver Rescue Mission, and bedding at the site.


We will continue to monitor and calibrate shelter to demand as we approach cold weather systems next week. 


The full updated outline of shelter options can be found beneath my signature.


Thank you for all you do to assure safety of those we are serving.


SHELTERING OPTIONS (subject to change according to isolated weather patterns):



  • Unaccompanied women over age 18 may call Delores Project (303.534.5411) for shelter availability on Mondays: First time guests can call at 10:00a and returning guests can call at 11:30a.  Women may also phone nightly to see if there are no show vacant beds available at 5:30p.  A small number of Delores Project’s beds are randomly assigned at The Gathering Place on Monday mornings at 9:30a.
  • Emergency shelter is available through St. Francis Center’s partnership with Capitol Hill United Ministries Women’s Homeless Initiative.
    • Women’s Homeless Initiative’s beds are randomly assigned at 8:15a at St. Francis Center (2323 Curtis).  Women who are assigned a bed must return to St. Francis Center by 5:00p for check-in.  If a bed is unclaimed it will be filled by women on the waitlist.  St. Francis Center will provide transportation for women to partner churches promptly at 5:30p.
  • Catholic Charities will provide shelter for up to 70 women nightly through the Holy Rosary program at Samaritan House (Broadway at Lawrence).
    • Women over 18 may arrive at Samaritan House (Broadway at Lawrence) between 5:00p and 6:00p for shelter in the Holy Rosary program.
    • Additional women will be able to access chartered bus transport from Samaritan House to overflow shelter starting at 7:00p.
    • Women utilizing the Holy Rosary emergency shelter at Samaritan House will be given preference for any shelter openings in the Samaritan House Extended Stay program.  Openings in the Extended Stay programming are randomly assigned at 8:00p.
  • If no shelter options are available and temperatures are below 40 degrees, women may arrive at Samaritan House (Park Ave. at Lawrence) from 6:00p until 8:30p to obtain a motel voucher.  PLEASE REVIEW MOTEL VOUCHER POLICIES BELOW


  • Salvation Army Crossroads (1901 29th St.) randomly assigns emergency shelter placements on Sunday and Wednesday at 4:30p.  Those assigned a bed will secure the bed until the next random drawing is held.  Working homeless individuals can obtain a bed for a modest reservation fee.
  • Denver Rescue Mission provides nightly shelter at their Lawrence St. location (Park Ave. at Lawrence St.), as well as staging and transport to overflow shelter.  Men should arrive at the Lawrence St. location between 5:30a and 12:30p to sign up for shelter that evening.  Shelter is assigned randomly between the Lawrence St. location and overflow.  In the evening, walkups will be accepted at Lawrence Street for transport to overflow, or accommodation at Lawrence St. until 10:00p.  If busses have already transported to overflow and the Lawrence St. Shelter fills, or if individuals arrive after 10:00p, referrals will be made to other area shelters with confirmed capacity.  City of Denver police may bring individuals in need of shelter to Lawrence St. after 10:00p.
    1. Bus transportation for overflow shelter at the Peoria facility will stage and depart from Lawrence St. Community Center (2222 Lawrence St.) starting at 7:00p as well as Salvation Army Crossroads (1901 29th St.) starting at 6:30p.  All guests must arrive and depart from overflow by charter bus.  No walkups are allowed at the overflow shelter.  Guest men of the overflow shelter will be able to sign up for next day bed assignment at the overflow.  Guests can also sign up for next day bed assignment upon being transported back to Lawrence St. Community Center in the morning.



  • Unaccompanied individuals between the ages 15 and 21 may obtain shelter at Urban Peak (1630 S. Acoma St.).  Youth should phone the shelter prior to arrival at 303.974.2908 to assure there is a vacancy.  If the shelter is full youth will be referred to other sheltering options.


  • Unaccompanied people who identify as transgender (MTF, FTM, Genderqueer) over age 18 may call Delores Project (303.534.5411) for shelter availability on Mondays: first time guests can call at 10:00a and returning guests can call at 11:30a.  Transgender individuals may also phone nightly to see if there are no show vacant beds available at 5:30p.
  • Gender is determined by self-identification at the following shelters: Delores Project, Salvation Army Crossroads (and Peoria Overflow), Catholic Charities’ Holy Rosary program, Urban Peak, Women’s Homeless Initiative.
  • Gender is determined by sex designation on state-issued identification at Denver Rescue Mission and Samaritan House Extended Stay programming


  • Families may obtain motel vouchers at Samaritan House (Broadway at Lawrence) from 5:00p until 9:00p, 7 days a week if all shelter options are at capacity.  Please review “DHS Motel Voucher” policies below
  • Family Promise provides extended shelter to families at numerous church sites in Denver.  Heads of families may call 303.675.0713 to complete an initial phone screening if there are openings.  Families that qualify will be invited to an interview prior to enrollment in the program.  Family Promise may be able to arrange offsite shelter for family cats and dogs through a partnership with PetSmart.


If shelters reach capacity Women, Families, and adults with doctor issued medical statements verifying medical conditions may be assisted with a motel voucher from Denver Human Services.

    • Vouchers will NOT be distributed for failure to access shelter options that have capacity (i.e. missed bus, behavioral restrictions, refusal of shelter options available, etc.).
  • Individuals or heads of household must demonstrate residency in Denver County. 
  • People may not receive more than 12 nights of motel vouchering within the previous 12 consecutive months.
  • During winter months (October-April) if the overnight lows are below 40 degrees, DHS will voucher after 7:00p at Samaritan House (Park Ave. at Lawrence) for single nights only.  Proof of residency is not required for single night vouchering during cold weather days when temperatures drop below 40 degrees.
    • Emergency Shelter Assistance Locations and Hours:
      • DHS, 1200 Federal Blvd, General Assistance, M-F 9:00a-3:00p
      • Samaritan House (Park Ave at Lawrence), 7 days a week, 5:00p-8:30p,

Denver Sherriff at the Downtown Detention Center, 490 W. Colfax  Families Only, 7 days a week, After 9:00 p.m.,

* During Cold Weather Policy (Oct-April) DSD will accept direct referrals for single women who are accompanied by a community partner for emergency assistance. (For example, DPD and Street Outreach Teams)*




Chris Conner, MA | Program Administrator
Denver’s Road Home | City and County of Denver
720.944.2681 Phone | 720.369.9838 Cell


———————-Virginia Berkeley,

———————-Darrell Brown,

———————-James Davis,

———————-Norm Hagland,

NO ESTA AQUI     Sana Hamlin,


  NO ESTA AQUI  Tanger Jones,

———————-Laray Kraeplin,

——————— Randle Loeb,

delivering baby – Jynx Messacar,

———————-T.R. Reid,

———————-Charles Savage,

        NO ESTA AQUI   Leanne Wheeler,

———————-Jim Winston,

———————-Jay Brown

———————-Chris Bates

 ———————Patience Crowder


Staff Attending:     

        no esta   Cathy Alderman,

———————–Louise Boris,

    no esta        Stan Eilert,

————————Meg Mullen,

————————John Parvensky,

————————Pete Stoller,   

————————Ms  T.    Morton




Thursday, December 1, 2016

4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Call in info: 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596

4:15 – 4:30          III.     Finance Report – Virginia  

  • October 2016 – Financials:  on target for 2016
  • Budget Development Update:  US BANK relationship annual review,  Peak fund raising period of the year, Affordable Care Act  repeal  imminent  –  this is an awesome year raising funding.  Kresgee  paid down 1 million $  1 million annually for two years  –  review sliding fee discount scale do not collect copays but we have to have a sliding scale required to have multiple degradations,  those below 100% of federal poverty  level  charge over 200% of poverty level  anyone homeless or at risk we are writing off anyone and not charge anyone fees.  The federal poverty level has been raised through HRSA  up-to-date in 2016 and will be redone in 2017.

4:30 – 4:50           IV.     Ad Hoc Governance Committee Report – Virginia

started in August  will be voted on at January Board Meeting 

 PURPOSE upgraded  lifted from Strategic Plan  4 purposes of strategic plan –  bylaws for term limits for board members and OFFICERS  –  no term limits for members but for officers  3 –  1 year terms


defining skill sets of the board  committee charters  job descriptions  go back to each committee present in first half of 2017

rose the bar on changing bylaws.    recommending quorum 2/3 of the members present change

Conflict of Interest Policy  –  potential conflict they can make themselves available may not lobby others and be present and acknowledge the conflict. 


Consumer Advisory Committee  Standing Committee of the Board waiver request HRSA


T.J.  sent a message to LaRay Thanksgiving meal  relationship to peers  new elections for chair and co-chair,  change at CAB  will be made in January, 2017

harder to get this waiver in the future  –  we have a charter already  


committee acts on behalf of the board unless delegated by the board


officers of the board we change board chairs every 3 years at minimum  all board officers


legal eye


4:50 – 5:00            V.     Resource Development Report – Jynx  due date tomorrow 

2.8 million dollars in receipts which is close to their goal  –  already booked grants  year end mail appeal  –  in home  –  year end blizzard of emails,  calling top donors reminding them with calls to   representative of JANUS Funds,  first time gift of 5 K this year,  gave $12,000.00 stock gift this year,  we have tax credits available  enterprise zone 25% tax credit up to 100K  credit for 200K donation  –  percentage of board members donating increasing the number of mail donors  more web on line presence


3 years on 1 year off

giving of government grants

contacts through the media  antagonistic to encourage the city to do the right thing.



5:00 – 5:10           VI.    Consumer Advisory Board Report – Tanger Jones (TJ)  no esta


Hard to recruit people to be on the board  they presume that they have no experience or knowledge

5:10 – 5:20          VII. Program Committee Report – Charles  DARRYL is making the report

  17 risk management topics  annual financial audit  health insurance plan colo  indigent health care plan  coding audits  HIPPA compliance  Torts Claim Act,  HRSA  safety assessment   Hazzard vulnerability  whistle blower hot line,  Colo Community Health Care , Institute  trauma care FTC training manual, identify risks, second prong quality insurance improvement  patient portal survey  active research program,  


GREAT AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY  underwrites  put this product out to bid  scope of coverage  17 properties  100 million dollars of coverage  not that many are interested in the whole package.


over a decade  broker Hank Bushman  met him 28 years ago.  just retired.

they pay for the volunteer luncheon for 6 years

5:20 – 5:30         VIII.   President’s Report – John


post election top of the line  –   6 page write up National Health Care for the Homeless Council  what will all of this mean in the future?  

results  taken off guard  contingencies not considered


conjecture to figure out what may occur.


FALL into direct funding basket medicaid expansion basket  Affordable Care Act  to repeal and replace the ACT.  House passed multiple bills to repeal and replace the act  60 vote super majority


budget reconciliation  would not require super majority  MEDICAID EXPANSION effectively cuts any growth  getting rid of the expansion 


We don’t want people to die on the streets


nominee has cut the expansion and move them through block grant funding converted to direct funding from entitlement  limiting move  more flexibility  give up the certainty  consumer patient risk that the patient would end up being impacted by  20 million new people are insured  12 million expanding medicaid   stay under parent’s coverage until age 26 years of age.  Block Grant proposal looks likely  15%  covered up to 70%  million to 11 million dollars loss would be significant  to all health care providers and systems.


Kaiser  from their point of view  eerily silent  no projections  waiting on the fence  we need the funding to cover the budget.  more than 10 million dollars.  expanded services


worst case scenario  if nothing is done


MIGHT BE EFFECTED BY 2019  at most

realistic insurance coverage  more expansion of coverage


more flexibility to restrict state programs  geared to reducing costs and health care more than 20 states  did not expand medicaid coverage and hurt the most vulnerable


MEDICARE  beneficiaries  fall through the cracks because of health care needs  financial emergencies


Health Care for the Homeless  statutory compromise 2015 expanded child care health programs cliff  statutory limits goes away.  Grant side of the dollars is 9 million dollars


SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES:  authored a plan for repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  HIS  plan house leadership plan,  centers for medicaid  and medicare  designed their medicare expansion  less free wheeling and beneficial.  


BEN CARSON  directing that is ludicrous  HUD 


TOM PRICE  private sector could take care of all of this


cannot lobby  501 (C) (4)  can 


Cathy Alderman is in D.C.  meeting with a 

5:30– 5:45            IX. Renaissance Housing Development Corp. Report – John

expanded budget resources   23 member commission of which JOHN is a member  selected him as a member  homeless advocacy   –  heather lafferty  Habitat for HUMANITY


stick prodding the mayor  not high on his list


15  million  for affordable housing  1 time 6 million dollar appropriation first dedicated commitment to housing


nothing from general funding  –  not enough  looking for other ways to expand this  affordable housing commission will then look for ways to set policy to expand all of this funding  work force housing first time home buyers assistance to help people to keep their homes  and service dollars will be an eligible use of the funding


preservation of existing housing  150 million over a decade


higher deeper subsidized housing requires more funding per unit

are they also considering the mixed use and housing forms that are deeply focused on creative .  


$25,000.00 a unit for a person   200,000 a unit for housing units  not enough to cover the gap.


more expensive for land and for may not have a parcel in 2017 for the first time 


other cities looking at WHEATRIDGE  THORNTON  presentation to City Council   

HOUSING IS important  overall budget policy impacts us discretionary spending cap on military and housing  cut out by health and transportation  bigger lobbies for others    Budget for Veterans is separated from all of the discretionary.  some are on annual cycles  health care HUD delayed for a year  grant year for portion of funding through April.


 TAX REFORM  corporate tax cuts 35% to 15% of taxes   Low Income Tax Credit Program  help them avoid taxes  generated billions of dollars for affordable  housing production  lower value from over a dollar to lower than .80  on the dollar.   we would have a gap of up to 2 million dollars in meeting the demand for housing that is deeply subsidized.

what about Behavioral Health elective  many will not cover mental health and behavioral health


foundations will not replace funding


limit negative impact on the people served

financial contingency is needed  adjusted allocations  sense that it is unlikely for a couple of years 


“I grew up in the suburbs. I used to think that I could write a prescription for a poor man: ‘Get a job, save your money, pull yourself up by the bootstraps.’ I don’t believe that anymore. I was ignorant to the experiences of poor people. I’d invite anyone to come and meet the people who live in this neighborhood. Right now we are surrounded by working poor people. These are the people who sell your tools at Sears, and fix your roofs, and take care of your parents, and mow your lawns, and serve your meals. They’re not getting a living wage. There’s no money left to save. There’s nothing left if they get sick. Nothing left if their car breaks down. And God forbid they make a mistake, because there’s nothing left to pay fines or fees. When you’re down here, the system will continue to kick dirt in your face. You can’t pull yourself up when there’s nothing to grab onto. We aren’t paying our brothers and sisters enough to live. We want them to serve us, but we aren’t serving them.”


Present: Virginia Berkeley, Darrell Brown, James Davis, Norm Hagland, Sana Hamlin, Tanger Jones, Laray Kraeplin, Randle Loeb, Jynx Messacar, T.R. Reid, Charles Savage, Leanne Wheeler, Jim Winston, Jay Brown

Absent: Chris Bates, Patience Crowder

Staff Attending: Cathy Alderman, Louise Boris, Stan Eilert, Meg Mullen, John Parvensky, Pete Stoller,   


Minutes from the October 6, 2016 meeting were reviewed.  Leanne Wheeler motioned to accept the minutes. It was seconded by Laray Kraeplin.  All were in favor; motion carried.

Minutes from the September 1, 2016 meeting were approved.   Laray Kraeplin motioned to accept the minutes.  It was seconded by Charles Savage. All were in favor; motion carried.


  • Executive Committee Report – Jay Brown


Due to the Adhoc committee’s work in progress, Jay Brown has decided to stay on as Chair until the committee’s work is complete.    


  • Finance Report – Virginia Berkeley and Pete Stoller


(Refer to Finance Committee handouts for details.)

September Financial Statements

The September Financial Statements were reviewed. Increase in Net Assets for eight months ended September 30, 2016 was $2,966,354 as compared to a budgeted gain of $64,909.

Medicaid/care revenue was $8.7M through September, under budget by ($296K).  

Contribution revenue is $1.01M through August, over budget by $398K.

Realized gain of $420k from the sale of Garfield property in March. Note: no payments in August.

Recognition in August of $950k for Colorado DOLA funding received for Downtown Lofts, corresponding expense to be recognized when this funding is spent.

Recognition of over $450k for Primary Care Fund award which covers August 2016 through July 2017.  

The balance on the line of credit as of September remains at $550k; funds being moved to/from LOC as needed.

Peter Stoller explained that the negative cash flow year to day is mainly due from paying down the line of credit.  

The Kresge loan repayment was made September 30th.

Pete also states the 2017 budget process is underway with plans to have a draft budget to the Finance Committee mid-December, with a recommendation to the Board of Directors in January.

Virginia Berkley stated the permanent financing for North Colorado Station (NCS) is closing next week and expects the return of the full Developer’s fee.

Virginia also mentioned there may be a need to review and consider adding administrative space for the organization soon. Virginia also gave the Board notice that CCH may exit the Limited Partnership with Civic Center apartments by the end of the year.       


  • Program Committee Report – Charles Savage


(Refer to Program Committee minutes for details.)

The Universal Data System (UDS) update was presented at the last meeting.  Charles explained that the UDS is the annual reporting required by Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) who funds the healthcare for the homeless program which Stout Street Health Center is a participant. The presentation highlighted some of CCH’s 2015 goals and required measures.

A presentation on the Metro Denver Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement System (CAHPS) was also given.  CAHPS is a coordinated system to allocate housing across counties.  Charles shared there has been some success with the process and some challenges, i.e. not enough housing.  

Mandy May informed the Board that Heather Beck, Outreach and Engagement Services Director at CCH has been very instrumental in the creation of the process and has contributed to its success.    

The CAHPS process is mandated by HUD and John Parvensky states the process has been somewhat problematic since up until recently it was an unfunded mandate.  In most communities, John stated, it has created an orderly way to wait for housing.  


  • Resource Development Report – Meg Mullen


(Refer to Resource Development Report to the Board handout for details.)

Meg Mullen briefly highlighted areas as reflected in the Resource Development & Marketing (RD) report:

Charitable fundraising efforts have raised $2,338,590 through 10/31; 77% toward the charitable goal for this year and significantly ahead of previous years. She reminded the Board that in past years 53% of all charitable income was received between October and December, so 2016 revenues appear to be trending ahead of this pattern.  

Upcoming fundraising activities: The year-end direct mail appeal will be delivered to 120,000 homes (donors, lapsed donors and acquisition prospects) the week of 11/14. Holiday 5k Run is this Saturday, November 5 at City Park, Meg encourages Board members to attend and announced the Chair for Sip City 2017 is currently being solicited. Virginia Berkeley asked if the Health Center is being consider for the 2017 location and was told it was not. Resource Development preparing for the Colorado Gives Day, December 6th.  Meg encourages members to consider giving now and not waiting for Colorado Gives Day.

Meg informed the Board of a meeting on November 18th (Noon to 1pm at SSHC in the Community room) with about 25 of CCH’s most generous donors for an executive briefing with John. The category of givers give $2,500 or more annually. We have also invited a few new friends as well.  

Jay Brown reminded the Board of the critical importance of having 100% of members making personal charitable gifts to the Coalition, stating even a modest amount is important.  He also described the benefits of the tax credits on both State and Federal returns for the donation, noting that the tax relief benefits allow the donor to be much more generous.


  • Consumer Advisory Board Report – Tanger Jones (TJ)   


(Refer to CAB minutes for details.)

TJ gave a brief update on the shoe distribution at Project Hope.  She mentioned the Walmart was the main sponsor of the donated clothing items. Unfortunately, the promise of a shoe donation didn’t manifest.

TJ also shared that the CAB received a presentation by Renaissance Works at the last meeting, as well as a presentation by an outreach organization that assist with HIV testing for the homeless.

Last month TJ shared her story at the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC) meeting held in Denver.

When asked about the attendance at the meetings, TJ shared that there have been visitors that feel confident and may be ready to join the committee soon.


  • Adhoc Governance Committee Update- Virginia Berkeley


Virginia informed the Board that the draft of the recommended revisions to the Articles of Incorporation are complete and the committee is finalizing the draft recommendations for the Bylaws.  Items being discussed and considered for revision are the number of Corporate officers to be included in the Bylaws, committee structure, & term limits.

The Conflict of Interest Policy with initial recommendation will be distributed to the Committee and discussed at the November 15th meeting.   Other items being discussed are Committee Charters and updates to Committee descriptions in the first half of 2017.

With the growth of the organization, Jay views the Adhoc Committee’s work essential to ensure the governance is reflective of the organizational growth.


  • President’s Report – John Parvensky


John lead a more robust discussion of the highlights from the September Financial Statement given during the Finance update.

John reported the balance of the North Colorado Developers fee will be received by the end of the year.

John gave a brief Organizational Development update, and shared his efforts to include staff in the budget prioritization; communication best practices via a survey distributed to all staff members.  Once data has been analyzed, specific initiations will be developed. John states the Succession Planning workgroup has been tasked to create a work plan for the Executive team to identify areas of concerns (tasks that may get missed) if they were no longer with the organization. The intent of the plan is to provide the Board with a tool, to be adjust as needed, that would assist an individual with performing the duties on an interim or long term basis.

John discussed in further detail the need for administrative space within the organization to expand the Dental clinic at Champa, and the Social Impact Bond participation.

John shared with the Board the challenge of the old Pizza Fusion exhaust hood and the requirements needed for a restaurant. John also reviewed some of the lease terms currently being negotiated between CCH and the Bourbon Grill.

FLSA Changes on Exempt Employees

John gave an update to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) change effective December, 2016.  Included in the discussion was the income threshold, the three classifications: hourly, salary exempt and salary nonexempt available and the decision to move employees effected to salary nonexempt beginning December 1st to remain compliant.

Virginia asked if an analysis was done to determine the dollar impact to payroll with the new classification.  John explained there will be minimal impact as managers have been charged with monitoring overtime so there is not an impact to the budget; offsetting advanced approval of overtime in the same week.

There was a discussion regarding John’s invitation to present to a group of social investing and social lending organizations where Stout Street Health Center will be the case study, and how CCH came about receiving a Colorado Health Foundation grant that will assist with designation as a Patient Center Medical Home.


  • Renaissance Housing Development Corp – John Parvensky


Downtown Lofts Update

Downtown Renaissance Loft (RDL) project is moving along, the foundation is almost complete and the light gauge steel will be erected next month.  John mentioned the construction is currently on track for completion; Aug 2017.  

John briefly discussed the qualified occupancy and stabilization of NCS, requirements for final equity payment and securing a permanent loan.

Social Impact Bond program is going well, the 60th participant has been housed; which was October’s target.



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