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CSLC Colorado Social Legislative Committee Lobbyist Luncheon December 2016

December 2, 2016

CSLC Colorado Social Legislative Committee Lobbyist Luncheon  December 2016


  • This is astounding  something I gave up on a few decades past

Down to your last belt notch and your last penny? These seemingly unrelated phenomena may have more in common than you think, a new survey shows. 

Dining out is the No. 1 thing that Americans blow their budgets on, according to the Principal Financial Group’s annual Financial Well Being Index, which was released in December 2016. The company surveyed more than 1,100 employed American adults. 

Those restaurant meals are also adding to our growing waistlines: On days when people dine out, they tend to consume 200 more calories than when they eat at home, according to a study of more than 12,500 people published by Public Health Nutrition last year, and government research shows that “when eating out, people either eat more or eat higher calorie foods — or both — and that this tendency appears to be increasing.” Other studies show that eating out more frequently is associated with obesity and higher body fat.

And the problem is getting worse. While 22% of Americans blew their budgets on dining out in 2014, this year, 25% did so.

  • 10 things Americans spend too much on
  2016 2014
Dining out 25% 22%
Food/groceries 20% 18%
Entertainment 18% 15%
Other consumer goods 18% 9%
Travel 20% 12%
Housing/housing improvements 19% 10%
Clothing/apparel/shoes 17% 10%
Gas 12% 13%
Coffee 9% 3%
Other 8% 11%
None of the above 28% 34%

The reason lies, in part, in our hectic lifestyles: “It’s easy for our spending habits to get out of whack when we’re pressed for time,” says Luke Vandermillen, vice president, Principal Financial Group. Because of that, we sometimes opt to dine out instead of cook at home because it’s more convenient and a small pleasure/treat that we can give ourselves, explains Kevin Morris, vice president at Principal Financial Group.

One of the best ways to keep our dining out budget in check is to plan better, says Morris — which has the added benefit of helping you cut calories too. Prep healthy meals for the week on the weekend (freeze what you need to) so you have something quick and ready to go for each night.

Of course, this isn’t always possible, so here are a few ways to dine out in a financially responsible manner when you can’t eat at home. Savings expert Andrea Woroch recommends buying discounted gift cards for restaurants (Costco often sells bundle packs of these) and looking for coupons and savings on and coupon sites like

Woroch adds that you can find savings on Yelp as well: “Not only is Yelp a good place to find honest restaurant reviews and menu recommendations, but you can also search for “dining deals” as well as “cheap dinner” and sometimes stumble upon special discounts through these listings,” she says.

Teri Gault, CEO of savings website The Grocery Game, recommends that to save money you change the days and times when you eat out. “You can save up to 50% just by changing your schedule on dining out,” she says. “If you have kids, patronize restaurants where kids eat free on Tuesday night; for adults only, hit happy hour for half price food and drink.” Furthermore, she says you should “look for coupons for BOGO (Buy One Get One) dinners, and you’ll find that the fine print often has specified days of the week, and usually not weekends.”




Our annual Lobbyist Luncheon is this Friday, noon-1:30 at First Baptist. I hope you’ll join us if you’re able. CSLC will provide sandwiches and drinks, and I would anticipate attendance of at least 30-40.
By tradition, members of the executive committee always bring an item to share at this event – either a side dish or a dessert. Please feel invited to participate in this tradition & bring something to share! (Chaer, I’ll have you know that more than one RSVP has made specific mention of rum balls, so there are certain anticipations afoot…)
I will be present by 11:30 to help set up the space, and I hope a couple of officers and/or planning team members will join me. Looking forward to a fun and informative event!
Peter Severson
Chair, Colorado Social Legislation Committee
P.O. Box 300165, Denver, CO 80203 |
why are these members all people of  privilege?
Peter Severson <>
to: Jennifer Corrigan <>,
Kay Bengston <>,
Bill Hanna <>,
Elena Nuñez <>,
Chaer Robert <>,
Kris Grant <>,
Lauren Lambert <>,
Randle Loeb <>,
Dave DeLay <>,
Hal Wright <>,
Chip Spreyer <>,
Diane Rich <>,
Toni Larson <>

CSLC meets EVERY MONDAY DURING THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION OF THE COLORADO GENERAL ASSEMBLY at  noon at the First Baptist Church  at Grant and 14th Avenue.

  • Ideas for what will be of value to do in 2017  on any level of the government from municipality county to regional planning state-wide nationally and across the earth and  intergalactically
  • if it might be helpful and throughout the universe we need all of the help that is possible to prevail  survive provide a place for anyone or anything

What can be done realistically to provide a basis of care and connection to and for anyone near or far


  • 4 horsemen    –
  •  1. Pervasive  Violence   –
  •  2. Growing  Inequality of wealth   –
  • 3.   economic collapse of the economy and the  
  • 4.   destruction of the environment  –

How to prevent the continuous denial of the harrowing loss of our ability to care for ourselves and this earth

Director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry








Douglas is not here!

Ni Nan


24 lobbyists immigration  et al





early voting   –  requiring ID  – automatic voter registration


tax credit for child care

helping children with emotional issues with expulsion  pregnancy depression screenings

1:8 mothers have depression in postpartum first year of birth

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment  workers compensation  Pat  Director


what penalties are assessed to provide compensation 


Angela Layton family attorney  –  low income child support system  JV case not electronically filed  child support order  parenting case involving the same people no administrative case


paying a huge amount of child support  – modest means contempt  


child support will not end until the last child is 21 years of age or is in college?


housing construction defects

COLORADO COUNTIES  INC  child welfare  child welfare funds  –  making it easier for attorneys to protect children  no contact order ends at the end of a contact order


not arrested or having a criminal citation

juvenile delinquency  orders – out of home  temporary custody order ends


AFL – CIO   Kirsten   “fights wherever they happen”  insurance program longer term family leave it would be based on  being paid

PAY EQUITY for women hopefully  –  unions everyone is considered being paid equally


corporate responsibility  250  people employed pay a fee back to medicaid  for their employees who have inadequate insurance


off shoring  drilling for natural resources  out sourcing to other states

defence  construction defects 

Kelly Fritz  AARP  COLORADO  – secure savings plan to save for retirement  9-1-1  connected to services  connected to services  regulations



affordable housing 


MEDICAID  42%  long-term care


fiscal flexibility


alderman:   2,600 people nightly  $ homeless services  ACLU civil human rights state wide affordable housing funds  ballot measure filed next week  housing growth limitation

child care tax credit earning less than $25,000   annually


30,000 families have taken care of this tax credit there was a sunset  bill will renew the credit


private occupational schools  consumer outcome measures of whether they can find a position thereafter


HB – 1050 child care for skills training community task force how do people who are advancing their education if they are working on their  training and going to school


HUMAN SERVICES  Governor  no approval to push out agenda    child care workers  –  preventing abuse of seniors  ten youth corrections facilities  throughout Colorado not all have medical facilities


Youth Corrections  10 to 12 year old truancy  disrupting school functions and who are mixed up with more serious youth    100  youth workers no money to hire them  task force mental health hold  vetoing 1069  last year  eliminate jails for people with mental illnesses.



DOLA   Bruce  financial affordable  2 million to bolster housing program focused on homeless people marijuana cash  for options chronic highest risk  150 people


school protection act


no duty of  responsible care  for acts of violence


teacher can lock the room on the inside


walking around the school to make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked

CCLP:  JACK  BAN the Box  1388 last year no record recorded with preliminary box serious barrier

1461  dan pabon notice to quit without a valid lease they are told to get out or rent increase


can be evicted in 7 days at the moment   28 days

client correspondence letter did not tell you why your benefits were being curtailed.


Veteran’s Committee  Bill Hanna  


Wheeler:  veterans tobacco tax settlement  on going  coalition  need support

behavioral mental health   families effected by trauma


liveable wages



self sufficiency for families  eligibility case management needing benefits  child welfare funding

homeless issues throughout the state

Lauren HARVEY  DENVER  county administration funding child care

people who have been outside reading the names of people who have died who were without a safe place to stay  December 21 at the City and County Building on the East Steps at 5:30 pm  an hour service


We Will Remember –  December 21 the Longest Night – Memorial Service























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