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December 3, 2016




where will and fortune collide

where gilded promises  momentous trials make tattered rags

where dreams are marked by innocent barbs

from brambles that surround engulfing all uncertainty

flattery branding campaigns of flashy intent

with prominent checks of real time demonstrative displays

winsome lovers collaborate sensing they’re vulnerable

to raw power senseless outbursts of rage of blighted dissonance

just fatigue fits remorse for what is lost or what is gained

there is a desperate sense that all this is vain pathos a rampage

of despair that this is all there is or ever was  – beware

promises kept promises lost  promises forgotten despised for what they mean

for all that lies dormant beneath strewn fields of glittering gold

a thorny thrush a brush with thoroughfares of endless malice toward air, earth

windy throated blast that deafens everything in its path

let us begin again to take hard tasks making them wary outposts of our sentinels guarding what

remnants we cling to in these forbidding times


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