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Be Rejoiced Be Full Be Full of Grace Be Whatever You Choose Fully

December 10, 2016

Rejoice Fill Your Life with Gladness  Full of Grace Giving Fully to the End

do not consider these maudlin or even introspective but more reveries of life that is unsurpassed.
we’re haunted by memories of what we have lost all along from the beginning when the umbilical cord was cut and we first uttered sound.
These dreams are not dreams as much as a tale of a path through common places where we have dwelled both foreboding and exulted. What we shall not do is stop until the last final breath pursuing our dreams.
What we chose is what makes us who we are and where we have  been connects us with all of those ancestors who came before
it is nothing to feel sad or elated about but a mixture of dissonance and harmony that makes  of them a  mosaic of the fabric of all life without 
rejoice  rejoice rejoice rejoice and be glad   
highest       being with all your gifts glory and grace
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