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Health Care that is Anything But Caring

December 12, 2016


the ethics of medical care that is focused on profit is deeply disturbing the only so called developed nation that insists on making money from people who are ill. Look at pharmacy costs and how disgusting it is to have to import medicines vital to one’s health or medical procedures that one can receive abroad for a tenth the cost and with better outcomes. I was treated at a major hospital system as a sack of potatoes to fill a bed not get the care that was necessary. The medical staff was not the issue. They were thoroughly professional. Their responsibiliies were always met with complete dedication. It is the underpinnings of a major hospital that has changed its performa outcomes that has made their hospital program defective.


Health care that is down right mean

“I’m an educated nurse who knows the system, and I couldn’t navigate it. I thought, ‘What is everyone else doing?’ And it blew my mind when I realized what everyone else was doing, which was dying.”
KERRY NORTON, who helped found Hope on Haven Hill, a home and drug treatment center for eight women who are either pregnant or newly postpartum.
My own experiences with heart disease exactly describe the tragedy of a health care system that has nothing to do with taking care of anyone. Those responsible should be put to shame for taking away the right to living. I don’t want to have anything to do with any of the health care providers in this day and age and when I was a child my family was cared for thanks in part of my grandfather who was a doctor and a health care insurance program that did not overstep their ethical bounds to make sure that we were covered.
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