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Major Linguistic Origins of the Northern Western Hemisphere

December 12, 2016

Major Linguistic Origins of the Northern Western Hemisphere




For One We have always been centered on Euro-Colonial Paradigms that focus on economic and social domination of people of the Americas including the Greater and Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean.  Our social structure demands that we conquer others instead of living together with the four directions.  We venerate our progeny and not was already thriving here.


This legacy is repeated again and again with conquerors and despots that have come on every continent and throughout the history of humanity.  The United Nations Accord on Indigenous People we did not sign in 2007 and finally acceded to be signatories in 2013 under the Obama Administration. We have never gone as far as we may to restore the lands and the resources that have been stripped from the earth, the air, the waters and the beings that once inhabited this land in millions and millions.


Our greed could not permit us to recognize our folly our responsibility our treachery in choosing to dominate these sacred places that we decimated.


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