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DRH Mayor’s Commission 2016 Final Meeting of the Year at East Side Human Services Center

December 13, 2016

“All the cribs and all the cradles, all the soup from all the ladles, all the cries in search of rest, all the doors receiving guests, all the bellies cease all their groans, all together or all alone, all those passing and all those born, all find peace upon the morn.”



DRH  Denver’s Road Home Mayor’s Commission to End Homelessness  2016 Final Meeting for the year

Geoff Bennett  creating 150 places for women in Smith Road and there will be another expansion of the Father Ed Judy House for double their capacity.  Catholic Charities is off and running creating more opportunities of children and families to have a place to stay

Encampments and Enforcement  Eben Deyer   speaking for the Mayor’s Office

Police not removing everything  there will be photographs   3 citations issued in the last three weeks  outside the city and county building


CIRC HOUSES  Red Cross applies these to emergency care

Better quality  shelter system  being more effective  standards for sheltering


budget process is being considered in a few weeks

GEO BOND  6 meetings around city


Rest and Resources System  invested in a couple places  permanent shelter since 1989

  enforcing the camping ban the side walks?  Unauthorized camping  same approach with all of the ordinances  


Bennie  –    MOVING PEOPLE TOWARD SERVICES   –  nothing about this has changed  –   city’s intent from the outset.  People speaking of this as a victory  but this has always been the perspective of the city regarding humane treatment of people who are in public places  we continue to have shelter spaces available  we have to have trained staff  we continue to make room  we continue to be expandable and flexible   anyone who wants shetler shall be helped to have a place to stay somewhere.

#’s of beds may be sufficient but the types of beds may not be satisfactory to meet the demands


there was almost  no one out there  1,600 people don’t find the shelters unacceptable

Jon  there were people using their checks to get inside.


In my experience there are a lot of people out there


5 years ago there were many fewer people


different faith communities are involved with the Inter faith Alliance


Faith community has come to the table  to keep people off the streets



Shelter Provider Discussions


Denver Day Works  –  846 work hours   JULIE SMITH  at Public Works  On boarded many more people  –  we have excessive demand for work  and we have to figure out how to get more employment opportunities  will this turn into jobs  working for Parks and Recreation  next week  they will continue to expand their primary care  –  housing and works   DHS first month’s rent and housing




Office of H.O.P.E.  (Housing and Opportunities for People Everywhere)

3 candidates for the position as director  on hold for announcement

Homeless Commission – Future State

homeless people will be less involved  12 years we did have a commission and he would hate to lose this opportunity.




ROBIN KNEICH  is challenging the ends  or there are two bodies of this community process representation of providers  break out the draw of passion of the Registered Neighborhood Organizations  – lack of interest is not a matter of debate.

Federation of groups that have needs


Mile High Connects  –


Group where the providers meet

Place where the people involved are represented here.




funding embedded in NYC for a person to make recommendations for housing after being evicted.


2 public restrooms  Capitol  Hill 53% are people without a place

50 feet off the main drag cuts the use in half 


try locations on Colfax  tghey are meeting this evening  feeling less supportive


UP  UP UP visibility is UP in Capitol Hill









Angie Barnes and then Debra Grey have been speaking

Jon Luper is present

Chris is not here

Initiatives  Activities

ONE HOME  is now the name for Coordinated Assessment they have moved about 1,000  people who have been assessed


Pilots for families is being worked on


creator of the the VI-SPDAT  tool there was a 2 day training  housing diversion  housing first context

Aging Needs Assessments  – aging in place mobility  carve out room for them  as people become more fraill  we have been gathering data over the last 8 months  nutrition is a big issue  VOA is engaged in the process  Elayne Gallagher

Children’s Cabin a lot of work is being done throughout the urban corridor


Safety Will Be  showing our status around shelter use by gender transportation.  aware of slides 15  through 17 initiative around transit  buying 4 buses.  Spending 1.2 million dollars institute this by JUNE 2017


need for help around transportation  sheltering to and fro  – loop around the city for the key services that are offered throguhout the City  journey to self-reliance  

Updated charts  23 through 26 slides  affordable housing opportunities light at the end of the tunnel


LINDI  IS 63 years young today  December 13


January 12  CITY COUNCIL program   on homelessness youth presentation Youth Count  they’re in Chicago at the University


COUNCILMAN Cashmann costs of the beds

HOUSING eviction housing court cannot contest the decision avoid finding a blemish on your record

there is no one there talking about where people can go

IBM Smarter Cities Challenge

one of several cities  that have been chosen   3rd meeting getting back together in January  Task force has been determined  what they will recommend  a lot of agreement  a lot of discussion around all of this  put a dollar amount to these recommendations where resources are and how to collaborate  will be announced in February

REGIONALLY  there is a lot of connections and opportunities for people across the region of the Front Range to work together.  There has been great progress among these organizations solidifying this foundation


Voices of Youth Count  CHAPIN HALL  jennifer was speaking this morning bringing young people together poor base line for youth who have nowhere to stay to be safe and sound  Youth were the surveyors, the leaders, the forums in June brought the students together identified all of the hot spots possible  identified more than 50 places that were hot places


Tivoli common area  DU  campus  and there are many more a back pack on the campus as a young person it is a good place to blend in  interact  networking and live 

unique strategies  COME AND BE COUNTED 6 LOCATIONS


we have actually had this operation  back in the day with Andy Johnson  of course everyone considers what they have been doing as new and unprecedented

Point in Time  2017




“Sitting in the hospital. Waiting. Listening to all the chatter, many stories, many languages, many perspectives. A world famous eavesdropping fool. Strangers comforting strangers. Beautiful and sad, happy and poetic. In a time of so much fear. We will at the end of the day be human and at the end of the day human kindness is what matters. Take care of each other, money is a tool not the goal.”


Milliner, Bennie L. – HS Office of Community Impact<>
to: “(” <>,

Andrew Feinstein <>,

X   –  Brad Meuli <>,

“Brooks, Albus – City Council District 9” <>,

Carrie Atiyeh <>,

Cheryl Haggstrom <>,

Christine Benero <>,

“Conner, Christopher N – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,

X  –  “Crews, Renee L – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,

X  –  Debra Gray <>,

Don Burnes <>,

Doug Hock <>,

DRH Staff <>,
“Duerson, Morina E. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,

“” <>,

Gary Sanford <>,

X  –  Geoff Bennett <>,

“Graves, Anthony E. – Operations & Communications” <>,

“Huerter, Regina M. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,

Ismael Guerrero <>,

John Parvensky <>,

“Kate Barton (” <>,

Kim Easton <>,

Leanne Wheeler <>,

X    Lindi Sinton <>,

X   –   “Luper, Jon – DHS” <>,

“Mares, Donald J. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
nunca viene

Mark Trast <>,

“Munson, Dawn L. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,

“Zohari, Nachshon – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,

X  –  “Nelson, Angela M. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,

“Ortega, Deborah L. – City Council” <>,
X  –  


X   –   Randle Loeb <>,

“rscharf –” <>,

Rick Barnes <>,

X  –  “Kniech, Robin L. – City Council” <>,

Roger Armstrong <>,

“Saunier, Ronald – DPD” <>,

X  –  T Door <>,

Terrell Curtis <>,

X   –  Tom Luehrs <>,

X  –  Victoria McVicker <>,

“New, Wayne C. – City Council” <>,

Alexxa Gagner <>,

Allison Watson <>,

X  –  “Aragon, Anthony R. – Mayor’s Office” <>,


X   –  “Arellano, Kenneth F. – DWD Workforce” <>,

Billie Bramhall <>,

Blanche Johnson <>,

Bob May <>,

Burvell Williams <>,

Carol Andersen <>,

“Cassano – CDHS, Valerie” <>,

X   –   “Cathy Alderman (On behalf of John P)” <>,

Cori Plotkin <>,

Dan Hamilton <>,

Dana Scott <>,

Dave Walstrom <>,

David Ward <>,

Denver VOICE <>,

Donna Boreing <>,

“Fenton II, William T. – Mayor’s Office” <>,

Gil Peri <>,

Greg Pulliam <>,

“Hancock, Michael B. – Mayor’s Office” <>,

Hassan Salem <>,

Heather Baker <>,

“Herndon, Christopher J. – City Council District 8” <>,

Jennifer Stokes <>,

Jerene Petersen <>,

Jill Wildenberg <>,

Jim Johnson <>,

Joel Levitt <>,

“Lopez, Paul D. – City Council Dist #3” <>,

Melinda Paterson <>,

“Mike Sudolsky (” <>,

Nancey Steinheimer <>,

Pat Coyle <>,

Paula Henry <>,

“Raj Verma (” <>,

Rich De Blasio <>,

Shelly Landaal <>,

“Smith, Julie A. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,  denver day works

Stella Madrid <>,

“Susman, Mary Beth – City Council” <>,

Tammie Carroll <>,

Tammy Bellofatto <>,

Tess Dilag <>,

Travis Baker <>,

Travis Webb <>



I am hopeful that most of you are able to attend the meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.  Please Note:  Our meeting location will be at the DHS East Building, located at 3815 Steele Street.


We scheduled this meeting anticipating that the meeting of November 29, 2016 would be consumed with the discussion concerning City actions and policy around encampment cleanups. 


The meeting next Tuesday will provide an update on the Office of HOPE and further discussion on the future look of the Commission as we move forward into 2017.  Please bring your ideas, thoughts, concerns for a robust discussion.


Some of you may not be aware so I also wanted to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to next week’s upcoming Voices of Youth Count Preliminary Findings Meeting also on December 13th at the Denver Human Service Castro Building located at 1200 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80204 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  The meeting will be held in room 1018 and a staff from Denver’s Road Home will come and escort you to the room.


Our Chapin Hall partners will join us to share preliminary findings from the data gathered from the Youth Count survey and the provider survey. They need our help to understand what the data means, who we might have missed in our efforts, and what further analysis would be helpful. This is an important next step in Chapin Hall’s process of developing a reliable estimate of the number of homeless youth and the services available to them in our county and also as a part of a larger effort to get baseline data on youth nationally.   Our input will be integrated in Chapin Hall’s preparation of a final report about the City & County of Denver to be released in Spring 2017.





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