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Report on Children and Youth Being Assessed for Being Out on Their Own at a Tender Age Without a Safe Stable Place to Stay

December 13, 2016

This is an outstanding methodology for determining who is and is not out on the street  and this will be done again come January  2017  the reason for this is that it is being funded at a deep level and we are making it clear that the young are compensated for their inclusion in this effort



Report on Children and Youth Being Assessed for Being Out on Their Own at a Tender Age Without a Safe Stable Place to Stay

Voices of Youth Count Preliminary Findings Meeting also on December 13th at the Denver Human Service Castro Building located at 1200 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80204 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  




8 teams were organized two or three young on each team and 12 team leaders   6 “COME AND BE COUNTED”  sites








identified 52 hot spots


 Chapin Hall  (University of Chicago) partners will join us to share preliminary findings from the data gathered from the Youth Count survey and the provider survey. They need our help to understand what the data means, who we might have missed in our efforts, and what further analysis would be helpful. This is an important next step in Chapin Hall’s process of developing a reliable estimate of the number of homeless youth and the services available to them in our county and also as a part of a larger effort to get baseline data on youth nationally.   Our input will be integrated in Chapin Hall’s preparation of a final report about the City & County of Denver to be released in Spring 2017.


COMING TO COUNT  Methodology


Coordinating Youth Homelessness  23 cities across the land  all demographics  for a snapshot 

Jennifer is the coordinator here speaking about the report

Brad Meuli,   Kendall Rhames,   Christopher Conner,   Tina  youth on Broadway  Bennie  Millener, Morina  Duerison , Charlotte   —-, Renee Crews, Kim Easton,  Joey, Rebecca Meyer, Alex attention homes,  Nelson Angie,  Child welfare, cohen  Matt CCH  Tina Hager 5280,  religious services for youth who are incarcerated.


200+  in depth interviews largest study ever done.  

Gallup  national survey  over the summer to include in this presentation of youth who have nowhere to go.


subset:  pull HMIS  data  rounding out the data


# will be available in the Spring 2017



known locations hot spots  visual count survey\

organizational settings SURVEY



drew up  a google map and demonstrated this strategy for obtaining this survey

youth went out in teams and they were compensated for their time they are the experts


13 – 25 years of age


24 hour period to make these decisions as to who was counted




doubled up couch surfing staying in hotels motels who were also involved in sex trade


Youth living on the street in cars shelters transitional housing programs




 Runaway and homeless youth Act    age extended through 25 by CONGRESS


funding and timing   opportunity to make this count work  


Timing is of considerable significance


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES for both times of the year and depending on the part of the country  and there is the issue of leveraging the school system  as a supportive partner.


Denver pass through for many young people and drug trade


nothing from substance abuse


impact of a magnet city for young but there is no significance to the data relevant to this issue


do this regularly  and reproduce the results


all children received a 5$ gift card, food and whatever  youth doing the work received $10.00 each hour


goal was to identify and survey young



JANUARY  30  is the date for the count


Point of Count Homeless Count is localized to 7 counties


USICH  United States Interagency Council on Homeless


Advisory Council on Homeless Youth  ACHY  additional questions will be considered in the count of POINT IN TIME


433  surveys completed by young


351  satisfied the defined reasons of this count


question #5  stably housed long array of choices  – stable place to stay  –   even if the person said this when their circumstances were not stable 


duplicate records  were also withdrawn  from the data collection


I have a place to stay right this minute  and that can change immediately



no follow up  indication of who was stably housed according to the nomenclature

26% on street

38% sheltered

36% in hot spots Come and be counted


MINORS WILL NOT BE COUNTED  for that matter Undocumented people  are unlikely to wish to be counted and for that matter victims of human trafficking


separate count 13  to  20  is distinct from the count for everyone in the count


extremely unlikely  at risk  young as well as those who are in and out of housing

4,500  unaccompanied youth in Department of Education    counted last year

our minor numbers doubled this year from before


Colorado Department of Education






























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