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A LESSON IN HUMAN DIGNITY AND HUMILITY – living as simply as we dare

December 20, 2016


A Lesson in Human Dignity and Humility  –  Living as simply as we dare we can

I was just listening intently to Noam Chomsky and Harry Belafonte talking to Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman about this exact topic. I FEEL the best of America is behind us. Environmental disaster is at our front door. “Bangladesh will be inundated with rising water. Pakistan and India are poised for nuclear conflict over water. The Himalayas are melting. CHINA is posed as the hope for the world and they’re laying partnerships that will reach the furthest reaches of Marco Polo’s incursions. WHAT DO WE DO? I SEEK compassion on a personal level with one to one, neighbor to neighbor and what is more significant to live as simply as possible. I believe that our hope lies within the “rebel heart, the throbbing beating bleating bleeding heart that gives and bestows life. This may be the only hope for the experiment of humanity. Noam Chomsky often refers to the 4 Horsemen: rapacious wealth – nuclear Disaster – Economic Collapse – and unmitigating VIOLENCE as outcomes for the folly that has transpired throughout my life span and threatens our survival as a species. I found his opening comments to be vexing because largely he indicated that the experiment is coming to a thunderous finale. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS CARING FOR OTHERS TENDERLY< WITH MERCY> FORGIVENESS

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