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Despots at the Door – Reign of the Anthropocene Epoch

December 25, 2016

Despots at the Door  Peering through the key hole  

Reigning in the Anthropocene Epoch


Last in many ways have been the families

who have fallen prey to the ravages of a social structure that does not embrace them

and keep them safe warm striving for hope beginning their lives with meaning and direction

we have chosen to abandon them

from the highest most exalted places of leadership to the last bastions of hope because it is difficult

a much more fundamental issue of the nature of a social order that revels in accumulation and obscene use of resources

Half the wealth of the world is vested in Corporate America that has no notion of caring for the family, the child, the person who comes from a broken home.

These purveyors of consumption don’t operate as American

Their allegiance is solely for profit and margins that benefit a few

they are well insulated from groveling in the murky putrid waters of Flint

or anywhere USA

They are disinterested because their largesse has demanded that they abandon common decency and their lives are tortured by addiction to wealth

the same as a gambler

gambling away his life

In this case the outcome will be our extinction


Worst of all there is a vapid resolution to the apocalypse  

a desire on the part of many to escape this blob before it is a cinder



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