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CCH RHCB December 2016

December 27, 2016

Tommy Jones  died  member of the RHCB  as well as Craig –  

The next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Renaissance Housing Development Corporation will be held as follows:

I  Approval of the minutes   –  October 


II  Downtown Lofts  Report

tower frame will be coming  sections of steel

Floor at a time or layer  move in a spiral upward

podium   built out 

Stout Street is the delivery point for everything  


takes 2 days to assemble the tower  crane is coming in next week first week of January


floor per week


on budget  but struggling with FCI  not having complete information

knocked out various permits 

completion by  end of the Summer 





III Prospective Properties

i  federal center  Lakewood through McKinney legal battle not worthwhile  58 acres  awfully large parcel   

2 Garfield

3 Colorado Blvd and Iliff  2 properties need both zoning allows this   need exemption for both sites  2 million point 3  .74 .71 acre and a half

 4  offer 4150 Elati  5 million  dollars 1.6 acres  can be split into two  it is next to the REGENCY where we lost the bid

Susan Power could go into the deal    2 uses workhouse housing  for profit residential property


replace GATEWAY is an interests

they could use New Market Tax Credits owner has a sign shop  and would have time to find a new site of the property   


flip  the properties  80 to 100 dollars a square foot  is the norm but they will pay 70 dollars a square foot.

Neighborhood Development Corporation:  class ACTION SUIT AND CARVE OUT A SECTION FOR EVERYONE



IV Otra negocio

One   Mason Motel  8 blocks west of West End Flats  –  

NO TAX CREDITS in 2017    tax credits for FORUM APARTMENTS upgraded.


too bad that you can’t get Logan Studios  and work with that 


  Elati  could lock into the tax credits,  


site control standards with CHFA have tightened  to having site control










we have to have the vision to develop places far and wide

York  37 and 38th streets  plugging into the receivers site  notice tor potential action


city will give priority to developing this area of preference.


2 acres 1.75 acres  


Date:            Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Time:           4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Location:      2111 Champa Street, upstairs conference room


Please email me and Bill Windsor ( by close of business Tuesday, December 20th to confirm your attendance.


Toni Lewis <> coordinating reunion
to: X   –  Alan Robinson <>,

John Pappas <>,

No ESTA   -John Parvensky <>,

X  Randle Loeb <>,

X  Bill Windsor <>,

Jim Winston <>,

“” <>,

Benjamin Kuruvila <>,

X    –   Grant Muller <>,

Norman Haglund <>,

“” <>,

X  –  “” <>,

“” <>,

Komal Vaidya <>


NO ESTA   “don l. hartman” <>,

Jamila Burleson <>,

“Kuhl T. Brown” <>,

“” <>,

Pete Stoller <>,






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