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“TO DO OR NOT TO DO,” That IS the Question………………………….

January 6, 2017

” TO DO OR NOT TO DO,”  that is the question  – 


Responding to your query regarding what the DNC could do better or differently.
1)  I am disturbed by the fanfare for politicians at all levels of the assemblies that point out how great we are and how evil the rest of the political parties are.  that hair raising beat on your chest mentality is poison.  because it sets one group apart from another. I have found beauty and grace in almost everyone. 
WE must embrace diversity giving up our attitude of exploiting.  The Democratic party used to be the party of everyone, especially those without anything.  Let us remember our true grit as a people.
It is not a popularity contest to see who can out spend the other, stop wasting money on running for office.  Many of us have very little and it is ostentatious and demeaning.
2)  the democratic process in grange halls and local run governments was like the community action agencies that Sargent Shriver was authorized to create in the Johnson era.  We had a Colorado one.  LOCAL control especially decisions about priorities and how to spend resources is indispensable because it charges people to have a voice.  BUT it takes time as a PC  I cannot stand the speed and lack of inclusion that exists in the way assemblies are run it is akin to playing chess.  We have to listen more and take time in a democratic community.
3)  Leaders should be listening more and not following their own agenda, but responding to the ground swell of support.  We lost because we were not transparent and did not follow a world where the average citizen comes first.  We will not bring back those who left the party until the citizen is the highest role in America. 
4)  common ground  should be our mantra  how can we do anything without finding a way to embrace each other as   BROTHERS and SISITERS  no matter what  It is only through kindness and humility that we can accomplish a thing.
5)  Economically all wealth must be shared.  I practice living as simply as possible  –  we must have resolve to leave no foot print.  Our earth is facing tremendous turmoil and all of its inhabitants.  We must leave a place for all to dwell because we are connected from the first time we crawled from the brine to wherever we’re headed.  WE ARE SACRED. 


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