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A. Philip Randolph and Harry Belafonte on WHAT WE MUST DO TO END POVERTY

January 14, 2017

we did not listen then and we do not listen today we’re still hiding like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand regarding a speech that Harry Belafonte gave before the Black Caucus in September 2005 with Senator Obama, at the time and Hillary Clinton sitting on either side of him. SAD INDEED and as he uttered there is nothing new about any of this. He referred to A Philip Randolph speaking with the Roosevelts at the White House decades earlier and iterating the same long drawn out cry that “Poverty,” Inundates us and denies us the opportunity to rise.





Harry Belafonte in 2005 urging the congressional black caucus to abandon the corrupt Democratic party with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton looking and listening.


THIS was shot in 2005. This was put up as is in February of 2016. God Damn, God Damn God Damn. WHY was this video NOT viral? Why is it only NOW,…
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