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Employment Committee January 2017

January 20, 2017

EMPLOYMENT  January 2017

2 community based organizations and one  employment program


answering basic questions   8 questions email Keegan with responses to the questions.


Ken is speaking doing the introductions



Information sharing on this table  (MESA)


DECEMBER    help us  use the resources


sign in sheet  notes  distribution  organizations have changed  


HIRE DENVER  –  Housing and Shelter step up


Remerge Carol Peeples


November 1  launched reduce recidivism  on line  client brochures   posters  build emerge get on  presented to this  this is remerge 5 4,900 hits December  moved jobs together,  food and clothing, reach a learner at a certain level of development    there was a piece done at the end of the year on channel 9  building this state-wide

STEVE and Carol have an email address  hierarchy of needs build out jobs


new members  work with people on a case by case basis

hot button  an hour to do an application they are getting jobs in this way.

Dynamic Workforce Solutions  Garret  Betsy  outreach coordinator youth based 


Internships are paid

doesn’t matter where you start   –     assessment   cultural diversity  young adults do not know these things  in order to become professionals  –  supportive services

synergy  get to that next level   16 to 24  years of age

social media internship training –  $13.00  hour  180 hours  all work experience. 


$11.50 city of Denver   keep on case load for as long as necessary maximum cap is 2 years  –   placed in some sort of industry.  track their progress and employment for a year after they have exited from the program  –   restrictions of people living in DENVER  close proximity to one of our workforce centers.  



SNAPS  program automatically qualified to be a part of the program


HOSPITALITY  or RETAIL –  pre assessment and post assessment


self determined for what they would like to study and be proficient in


PROBATION requirements are cumbersome  WYOA  report to DOL

Youth who are in the system  staying long enough to be educated  YES 

Does Devros  know about this program  meet with the probation officer three times weekly

we are not trying to put more burdens on the person.

etiquette of education about interviewing putting together the approach to dealing with the clients with extreme difficulties socially


pointers  can we gain to improve our approach  we do not have the staff to deal with this issue of presentation  we have clothes for success  and  how to make their presence.


subsidized employment   schedule of the employer will be honored and fits their experience


HOUSING  initiative  30th of January  SURVEY  POINT IN TIME 


CHRIS  CONNOR  reach out to him


5 -6%  increase of people who are in a precarious situation


7 county community  –  this number is being used to determine the baseline




1/2 million REHIRE COLORADO in CCH  treatment subsidized  wages  people over 50   homeless and formerly homeless  evaluation or treatment they get services  this is a research study control  group gets referred to other programs  crappy way of getting this done we will serve 9o people.  VETERANS   SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN  ALL EMPLOYMENT SERVICES   needs a vocational specialist for this program what is the pay scale?

















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