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CSLC Colorado Social Legislative Committee January 30 2017 Implementation of 107/108 Elena

January 30, 2017

CSLC Colorado Social Legislative Committee January 30 2017

 Implementation of 107/108 Elena   –  Colorado Common Cause

Secretary of State  Secretary Williams   ELECTIONS

Ballot measures

Presidential Primaries

not binding on the results  not enough time for there to be everyone in the meetings  no one cared about the outcomes of the elections

He has been a clerk and recorder   where?

Bipartisan Election Advisory Commission January 26 2017

recordings of everything at the top of the ticket  and little at the bottom  

Presidential primary won overall support  – initiative places burdens on the counties  many of the 64 counties have no resources to pa for these processes

winner take all for the electoral vote  Proportional representation for choosing a candidate 



Presidential Primary Process


108  selection of all of the nominees for primaries


initiative 75% vote we don’t want other people participating in the process  can select a party if one is unaffiliated for the primary whereas you could not do this in the past


direct impact on the cost for the counties


judges inspect the ballots to ensure that they are in compliance


which party has a person cast a ballot for


you have the right to verify for that candidate


clerk has to produce the information on who voted  voter secrecy has to be preserved

mark on the envelope  GOP or DEM ballot a place under the seal


signature verification process for all ballots

work with the counties that have postal scanning machines   they also use 4 different vending machines  how do counties that do not have this process at  all  election results will not be verified as soon as it is possible as a result of these proposed changes


complex issues of unengaged voters   that makes it hard to set up the election process


no tabulation process is not connected to the Internet  no process no way for the ________ to hack the election process   not connected to the Internet


NEVER FIXED   check the number on machines beforehand and afterwards.  there is always a paper ballot process on all ballots









Elena Nunez<>
to: Chaer Robert <>,
Peter Severson <>,
Jennifer Corrigan <>,
Kay Bengston <>,
Bill Hanna <>,
Kristopher Grant <>,
Lauren Lambert <>,
Randle Loeb <>,
Dave DeLay <>,
Hal Wright <>,
Chip Spreyer <>,
Diane Rich <>,
Nan Morehead <>,
Toni Larson <>


delay never says a thing to you he sits across the room  disappointing at best  


protests   abound    everywhere

CSLC Executive Committee

 December 16, 2016


Present:  Kay Bengston, Jennifer Corrigan (phone), Dave DeLay, Kris Grant, Bill Hanna, Toni Larson, Nan Morehead, Elena Nunez, Chaer Robert, Peter Severson, Hal Wright.

Not present: Lauren Lambert; Randle Loeb; Diane Rich; Chip Spreyer; Rebecca Struik.

Debrief November 14 meeting:  Good program; thanks to Chip for organizing.  Panelists had strong bipartisan representation. There were 36 people in attendance.

Debrief Lobbyist Luncheon:  Approximately 45 in attendance (generally ranges between 45 and 60).  People did a good job of making their updates brief and we got good feedback from attendees.  It was suggested that we make sure all executive committee members get the invite in advance (to invite others and participate). Next year we will include a sign-in sheet. Kris will create a sign-in sheet for use at Monday meetings as well. One suggestion was to have a way for people to make connections (e.g. business card table).    

Reports from Officers:

Secretary: The October 21, 2016 minutes were amended to accurately reflect that both Elena Nunez and Randle Loeb participated by phone.   Elena moved to adopt the minutes; Kris seconded.  The minutes were approved.


Treasurer:  The balance at the beginning of the month was $3700 and is now $4019.  Bill moved that we accept the treasurer’s report; Toni seconded.  The report was accepted.


2 co-sponsors for the fall forum came in; total of 15 co-sponsors.  14 new individual memberships (doesn’t include the people who joined and paid electronically).


Kris will send an email to the list for membership renewals.


Membership:  Hal is looking forward to working with Kris and Nan.  Need to figure out how best to coordinate the membership, communications and treasurer roles.  Nan, Kris, and Hal will talk about systems.  The member year is Sep 1- Aug 31 (same as the fiscal year).  The CSLC PO Box is at the USPS office on Colfax and Marion.


Communications:  Creating lists to target different legislative bodies (by caucus, party, committee). Kris wants to send a welcome letter to the legislature; he asked for feedback on content and who should be the signers (chair, legislative co-chairs, etc).  It was decided that Peter should be the signer.  If anyone has a sample, please share with Kris.  The group discussed what the ‘benefits’ to legislators.  


The group discussed the process for changing positions on bills that are amended.  The consensus was that if a bill is amended and the position should be reversed, the member who originally proposed the bill can request that CSLC change its position.  Unlike when the original position is taken, changing/withdrawing a position does not require that the group wait a week before voting.


The group discussed whether the current practice of having a week between the proposal and the vote still makes sense.  We will take this up next month when the legislative co-chairs are present.

Program planning for 2017

1/ 9:   Carol Hedges will present on the state of the budget.

1/16: Holiday

1/23:   Joint Budget Committee (Hal)

1/30: Implementation of Primary Ballot Measures (Elena)

Schedule may change depending on availability of JBC members.

Potential future topics: death penalty; strategic planning group on aging; Colorado secure savings plan; child care; housing; homeless issues.

Toni asked everyone to think about topics so we can set February and March subjects. Chaer will circulate the list discussed at the CSLC retreat.

New Business:

“Welcome to CSLC” handbook idea: Could be useful to have descriptions of roles and responsibilities; Hal will draft a proposal for the next meeting.




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