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An Unexpected Delight – Best Things That Happened to Me BY Chance or Was It Circumstance?

February 8, 2017

Best Things That Happened to Me By Chance or Was It Circumstance

had a haircut and chopped off what was left when I was 10

when three babies were conceived

came into my life

met Clarence

met you

smiled like a Cheshire cat

ran around the track faster than anyone

completed my degree wrote my thesis


became an EMT

passed the state license

was a teacher

learned to bake bread

traveled across this country

learned Spanish

touched you

held your hand


went to school

grew up

was a volunteer in my Grand father’s hospital

learned to dance

grew old

knew what it felt like to make love

learned to make a fire


learned to drive

learned to cut wood

learned to love

learned to go out on my own

learned to talk

learned to be who I always loved to give up guessing being mad forgiving

learned to care

learned that I could not change the world

learned that loving someone no matter whether they’re there lasts forever

not being afraid

not worrying

Learning to listen

being still

learning to let go

taking time

being okay with being old

learning to live everyday every moment learning to stay

learning not to run away

learning to walk in the dark through the woods

learning to sit up and rise without a clock

learning to listen to my body

learning that whatever you are wherever and when it is time this moment here

that matters most that this is not an accident

but design that has caused me to love and live here with all of you

learning to be grateful no matter what

I will have no regrets the accident that life is a miracle

an unexpected delight

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