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CCH Program Committee February 2017 Program Evaluation

February 9, 2017

CCH Program Evaluation Report for 2017    all programs are evaluated based on surveys in August.

   – *
  X  –  Charles *
  X  – * apartment OWNER Capitol Hill
  X  Eban Abbott  – * * * * * * * *
 X   LARAY  lkraeplin *
 X –  Louise Boris *
 X  –  Mandy G. May *
 X  – randle loeb * * *
  X  T.R   REID   – *
  X  Tom Reilly    –  Northern Trust Bank
  X  Eban m Abbott  banker  Mountain States Bank –  MLK celebrations  Humanitarian
  X  John Mesker      staff
   X  Daniel Emzey  staff
Collin Vassiter  visitor Dentist  Australia
orientation concerning all programs
LOUISE is presenting the composite description of all of the programs of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless    –  Integrated Health Care  
Healthcare for the Homeless costs more for Federally funded FCQH  $257  each person   sliding fee scale  not charged
UDS  not at poverty level  27 people   less than 1%
No free medications from Pharmaceutical companies
% of medicaid patients have gone up substantially
$350,000  from drug companies   in the PAST
15,000   patients visits 60,000  visits  annually
Health Center at Dt. Francis Center in Cornerstone?
Quigg –  Newton  Health Center with Denver Health
partners in OUTreach  Salvation Army  –  Urban Peak –  CCH and St. Francis Center
Heather Beck  maintains all of these connections
 million  dollars   annually
24  hours  –   care is AVAILABLE
JUST   because a person is called service resistant does not mean that they are unwilling to receive support 
SPDAT   allocate permanent supported housing vouchers   highest risk   HUD  has mandated  VI  SPDAT  is a tool assessment  wait list of 3,000  people  who need housing
Housing Intake and placement  –   people who will taKE A PERSON IN    homeless person  housing first team   30% adjusted income in rent  two types of vouchers individual  and then there is a site based voucher based on the place that you’re living
Social Impact Bonds   SIB  another possible funding source for indigent people who are most at risk
  VASH vouchers
HOME transitional vouchers
Rapid Rehousing
Permanent supportive Housing
family resources          homeless children’s services  –   behavioral health counseling
Loretta Heights
 Concord Plaza  
Renaissance Children’s Center
Balance of State   technical assistance
Emergency Services Grant
Per DIEM  VA   57  
Patient Navigation
Talking Circle
Transition in Place
Sam House VA per diem  program  100 slots
up for rebid for all of the grants
FORT  of CIVIL WAR  a trading post  originally
Bent County  hires their people
225  people consumer run  Lamar  and otero Community colleges
from across the state in 64 counties
many people want to stay in Las Animas
anyone could return
opera singers cabinet makers building furniture  artist painted a mural  painted a grand for the mural  small store in Las Animas  add a coffee house
you can come back as many times as you want
Native Americans depend on a spiritual center for addressing the alcohol and substance abuse issues that Ft. Lyons does not offer
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY   125 people in the department of assessment
STOUT STREET WORKS  hired on by Renaissance 
2,000  units  100,s coming on every year
participation survey  last year  8,000   people Point in Time
Google management
Quality Assurance Assessment  must be 75%  of their constituents
must have input  from     higher percentages of people in each program that was begin in 2004
57 programs participated in 2016
Page 13
agency wide results
5 point leiker scale
safety I do not feel safe lowest scored
participation levels are lower this year than last


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